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Originally posted by Pappy13

If I’m not mistaken all of the wanted ships were named after kickstarter backers of the game.

Yes, this is correct.
We did filter them too. But, you know. User-generated content can be like this sometimes.

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    Thilo on News - Thread - Direct

Drake: Gang Wars Update, New Star System, New Side Missions, New Factions, New Perks, HRA Mutators, QoL Improvements,Major Rebalancing, TrackIR and AMD FSR Support

Greetings, pilots! 

The wait is over: the hotly anticipated Summer Update aka Drake: Gang Wars is finally here! It’s our most significant Early Access update, adding tons of new things to the game even though we’re not done yet – there’ll be one more update later this year before we wrap things up and work on the v1.0 release which is still scheduled for early 2023.
For now, you can enjoy Drake, an all-new star system featuring well over a dozen carefully hand-crafted locations with stunning lava and ice environments, underwater exploration, exciting new enemy types and status effects, brand new challenges and puzzles as well as a three-chapter side quest, introducing daring pilots to the new system, and much more. Have a look at our official release trailer!

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