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20 Sep


Originally posted by DogSoggy441

Nice. Definitely doing another playthrough for this.

That being said, I was hoping they would introduce more legendaries and expand upon endgame Rift mode.


19 Sep


Originally posted by EliRed

Looks great. How will we find the new items? Just rift RNG or will there be some special way?

We've made a couple adjustments to set items in general, so the sets are found in specific systems. For example, the Bloodstar set previously only dropped from Bloodstar enemies, but we've changed it to where Bloodstar drops across all of Ceto. Not all sets drop from a specific system, but if it does, this also includes unknown signals, HRAs, and even Rifts in that respective system as well.

18 Sep

Greetings pilots!

We’re excited to share that our first free major update for EVERSPACE 2 is coming October 2nd, 2023! The Armed & Dangerous update will be ready to download across PC and consoles on the same day, bringing new set items, catalysts, perks, quality of life improvements, Tier 4 ship wings, and more to the game.

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16 Sep

13 Sep


Originally posted by Queeflet

May I ask why you avoided this? Often one of my favourite forms of haptic feedback.

The main reason is all combat would feel like a constant rumbling. Our intention is to bind vibrations towards receiving incoming fire and hitting the engines, so the player knows the ship is under stress. Adding weapon fire would be an overuse of this feature, and recognition between different occurrences in the heat of battle would become more challenging.

For example, firing a weapon at the same time damage is taken may lead the player to think they didn't take damage since it felt like it was just the weapon firing, leading to confusion when they discover half their hull is missing - or explode - in a way that feels unfair or random. We do not want this confusion to occur, so we chose the haptic feedback carefully.


Originally posted by Lazy_Leg5956

Will you address the lack of controller vibration when shooting?

We intentionally avoided this and have no plans to add controller vibration when shooting.


Originally posted by Legal_Pizza3754

Forgive stupidity, but does this apply to xbox series s also? I'm assuming XSX just means series x?

The abbreviations are confusing, no worries! The shorthand XSX means that both series S and X have been updated.


Originally posted by Accomplished_River43

Come on, even Starfield has flight mechanics with inertia dampeners off (locked under a skill though and not explained, but still)

This is a dangerous comparison, as Starfield is a rather different game. It's easy to compare the space combat depth, variety and controls between the two with a clear winner, for example.

We have to recognize: just because there are other games with spaceships that have features, does not mean those features should be in all games with spaceships. We're very pleased with the results thus far; we'll see what more we can do from here, but please understand there has been a strong intentionality to what has and hasn't been currently provided. Here's hoping we can do more, but we cannot guarantee anything at this time.


Originally posted by Accomplished_River43

Inertia dampeners switch when?

Still a debated topic internally (this option was never intended initially from the start - it was added PC-side as a community request, but still isn't tutorialzed or bound by default to prevent user error) so I can't guarantee this will happen, but I can say we have poked about with some thoughts on how it could happen should we push for this direction to occur.


Greetings pilots!

Thank you for your continued feedback regarding EVERSPACE 2 on consoles. Your reports have given us direction on what needs fixing for a better experience for all, so we've pushed a patch through to download right now on PS5 and XSX.

Stargazing unknown signals is now much more pleasant with an adjustment to our skyboxes, and drifting cameras during supralight have been straightened out.

Additionally, we’ve opened a support forum on Discord so all pilots have a dedicated community space to report bugs, supply feedback, and suggest features. Join our ...

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12 Sep


Nice, but I need MOAR

09 Sep

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17 Aug


Originally posted by PhillyDillyDee

I’ve accidentally sold stuff before. I think the game needs a little more of a safeguard for that when browsing shops. That, or a buyback feature.

Clicking the left analog stick will cycle the sort options for the vendor, and will also cycle to the buyback options as well.


Originally posted by Stoic_Ravenclaw

.....can't quite make out all the words because you've got something in your mouth there champ.

It's a 26 GB update. This was no small fck up. And why in the sweet Mary hell wasn't it tested also on a commercial Xbox as well as Dev kits. That's as basic as testing gets for Christ sake and you're here slobbering over their junk.

Guys like you are why the industry is in the state it is.

Hey there, we can understand your frustration with various game industry issues. However, this was a rather small issue that is surprisingly complicated to explain. I'll keep it short, though.

There are a lot of flags in the build pipeline for how the engine packages the game, and a lot can go wrong here. The good news is that because all our internal testing indicated sound results, as the user results started rolling in we were able to ascertain what flag needed to be adjusted. It ended up being a very small "fck up." Because this changed how the engine packaged the game, the patch itself ended up being quite large.

We also have to give praise to Microsoft, as they were quick to support, certify, and appr...

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Originally posted by luh_geekum

yeah i went to the modify menu, then came out of it and it had just disappeared from my inventory? I have no idea what Could've happened because I only started playing yesterday but this is weird

Alright, I'll let the team know and see if we can reproduce. Thanks for the report.

Also: When skipping the tutorial, any equipment you had during the tutorial will vanish, and you get new gear. It's a stretch but, could you have looked at the item, skipped tutorial, and then looked for the item (that was intentionally removed)?


Originally posted by OniDestiny

No offense, but why nobody notice this huge error in playtesting?


Umm...what? Haven't heard this one before!

Can you be a bit more specific with what happened? This is rather concerning, and we certainly don't want loot in a game with looter shooter mechanics to mysteriously vanish! :O