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31 Jul


Originally posted by bigguy1027

Could we see the soundtrack being released? Possibly with the Collectors Edition?


Originally posted by ApelsinBananovich

Is there Colectors Edition on PS4?

Check the store on launch day!

Originally posted by Luwife

I love the sound and music in the game. It does sound familiar like it is inspired by Splatoon. Would you say you were inspired by Splatoon and the catchy music and sounds? Or what was your inspiration for it?

Thank you! The music was composed by the ever fantastic Jukio ( https://twitter.com/jukiokallio) and had a whole lot of influences.

He'd know more than me where all the magic came from, but you can listen to our reference playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0lBELCk6zJ2jzvRGZMI1sO?si=16OYvQMiTlWibbY6pPIiOg

It's got a wide range from Japanese pop, to Drum & Bass and Glitch Hop - enjoy!


Originally posted by ImpossibleVariety0

Can you make the final game a bit different. There should be more games until there are 5 people left who can then fight for the crown. With 15 people at the last game is not of a goosebump moment

Due to the varied nature of the rounds, there should hopefully be a different amount of people in the final round each time - I've seen it go down to a 1v1 a few times!


Originally posted by Korbat7

This year with quarantine and everything has sucked and I was beyond happy to see that Fall Guys didn’t seem to get delayed. Was production impacted in anyway by COVID?

( P.S. My uncle works at Twitter so if I get a beta key he said he’d totally verify your account on there)

We were set up pretty well to be honest. A lot of us work on laptops (crazy I know!) And Mediatonic was really helpful making sure everyone has what they need. Luckily the nature of our work can be done pretty effectively from home, but the social aspect is missed greatly and that was a blow. I think playing from home alone made this massive launch media blow up even more surreal tbh


Originally posted by ShawrySkillz123

Will this game have trophies and will they be easy or hard, on a scale from 1-10?

We have trophies and one of them is so insanely hard I don't think anyone will ever unlock it.


Originally posted by seth-grey

With the huge population of players practically confirmed on the PS4 thanks to the PS+ deal, we PS4 players are in a good place. However, I'm wondering if there are any plans for crossplay with PC in the future.

More players is never a bad thing.

We're hearing the requests for crossplay loud and clear!
We just have to be careful right now to ensure that the big features spend time developing are the ones that benefit the game the most. Things like crossplay can be a huge thing for hardcore players (and those who are active on reddit/discord/twitter), but we need to make sure we're listening to the largest communities, not just the loudest.


Originally posted by IntrinsicStar

Someone on discord said that the fall guy is a cake but then it was said on your twitter that it was a jelly bean. Is it both?

Also- Will you guys be adding more maps? And what are your favourite maps?

(It's a brilliant game btw!)

I like to imagine each Fall Guy is delicious in their own way :)

And yeah, we'll be adding more levels as we go! My current favs are FallBall and The Whirligig :D

Originally posted by Starmandeluxx

Just stopping in to say I’m sooo excited for this game, have been since it was announced. And as hype as I am that its going to be free on PS+ I’d actually love to be able to support the devs, will there be other versions of the game up aside from the free PS+ version that I can buy? If not will there be some other way to support the game/Devs like a “battle pass” or something?

Thank you so much - we're blown away by the support! We don't have a paid battle bass (everything in the season reward path is free to earn!) though we will have a few packs of DLC costumes you can buy if you'd like. :)


Originally posted by ThatChrisFella

Any hints on what the new gametypes will be in the future? Even super vague?

Edit: ninja deleted reply 😥 I saw a lil bit of it as a phone notification, something along the lines of "we have some ideas for round where players..." and that's all I saw

Someone must have said too much

We have some ideas for rounds where players... [REDACTED]


Originally posted by VulgarDandelion

Will there be another beta test before launch? I've been watching this game since it was announced.

For a real question, we see a lot of MXC/Wipeout/Takeshi's Castle references - how much of an influence, if any, did those have on the idea of the game?

2 hours from now my friend

Originally posted by VulgarDandelion

Will there be another beta test before launch? I've been watching this game since it was announced.

For a real question, we see a lot of MXC/Wipeout/Takeshi's Castle references - how much of an influence, if any, did those have on the idea of the game?

There's another one this weekend! Keep an eye out on our Twitter for access codes, and streamers will be handing them out too! :)

Those shows all had a massive influence across the whole game. We're huge fans and we studied the shows all through development. You can see it in the textures on the environment; the art team did a great job making everything look like it's made from soft plastic, foam and crashmats! And you can see it in the Fall Guys themselves - much like gameshow contestants they are uniquely useless at everything they're asked to do, but they always get back up and keep on trying.


Originally posted by themratss

yeah but will it be available for PS4 i dont see the game in the store

Ah sorry! I believe they should go live on August 4th.


Originally posted by notliam

Thanks for the response, can't wait to play on Tuesday(?) with my partner and good luck with the launch.

Thanks!! I hope you enjoy (on Tuesday indeed) :D


Originally posted by xRyanRampage

Not really a question but more of an idea!

Since you guys are very active on social media & communicating with the fall guys community I think it would be an amazing idea to have something in place like having a super rare ultra skin for your wee character that can only be obtained by like winning a "fall guys clip of the month" or maybe the dev team can squad up for a weekend and if you get put into a match with them, they randomly can award people this ultra rare skin or something along the lines like that!

I think this would be another way to really drive people playing more and for longer knowing there's a cool wee incentive? Just an idea guys but would love to flex on other players if I ever got this skin 😝

Thanks for doing this. Been following for a while and really digging what you guys do ✌

I used to be totally obsessed with trying to earn Recon armour in Halo 3, so I love this idea. It's tricky though, as soon as you add an extrinsic reward to this type of stuff players can start to do it for the wrong reasons, and your whole community can end up just begging for the special armour the whole time (see old bungie.net for reference!)

Originally posted by Budzee

If expectations are not met for this game, do you have a...


Fall Guy?

Yeah it's u/FallGuysJoe


Originally posted by The_Master_Of_Dark

What was the most interesting/exciting part of development?

I think the first time we got 50+ players in a lobby together to play through an entire level. That was the real 'oh wow, this has really got potential' moment for us!


Originally posted by zappyhotboose

I have heard that your game breaks friendships. Is that true?

I would say the opposite - if your friendship is strong enough to withstand Fall Guys then you are truly soul buddies


Originally posted by Anorint

Are logs fruit?

Anything is a fruit if you roll it down a conveyor belt!