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18 Sep


Their destiny should be trusted to the Force.... but, I definitely have my favorite. ;)

14 Sep

18 Aug

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We put a lot of love into those first 15 mins <3

04 Jun


Fantastic piece of art, quite the talent you've got there!


17 May


Originally posted by WhoniversalMan

Is the issue with the Kashyyyk cutscene (right after the AT-AT crash with Saw Gerrera) fixed with this update?

I just encountered it and have seen others mention it. On base PS4, the framerate hits 0 for a second or two at a time every time the shot changes, and this didn't occur until last week's major update.

Hi there. Would be nice to get some extra details about this from you. When did this start? Was it only after the recent update? Has it always stuttered for you?

We’ll report this to the team either way, but would be good to get some additional details.

13 May


It's an Oggdo strategy some consider to be... unnatural.

12 May


This is great!

11 May


I can't help but imagine this photo was taken right before a giant ball of flames engulfed the camera.

09 May


Originally posted by xXx_sasuke_xXx

/u/untdrew looks like the second challange has the wrong text. It says you fight imperials but its actually zeffo fauna! Loving the update so far btw tho idk whos idea it was to require 0damage for 3 stars this is so hard XD

Thanks for the report. I’ll pass along to the team.

08 May

05 May


Thanks for sharing. We’ve reported to the dev team. If you encounter any issues while playing please let us know.


Originally posted by jayme222

I haven’t played since I beat it. What new content exactly?

04 May


Your continued and amazing passion for the game inspired us to work on this. Thank you and may the 4th be with you!


Originally posted by ironyfeelsjokes

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Took everything inside us not to somehow force that quote in the update notes. ;)


(Minor spoilers to follow!)

Welcome back, Jedi. You’ve faced the trials and tribulations of a dangerous galaxy. You’ve confronted troopers, beasts, Inquisitors, and a foe far greater than all of them combined. But despite all that, you made it through!

To start things off, we wanted to take this time to thank all of you! From the day we first announced the game to right now, it’s been an absolutely wild ride and a truly humbling experience to see how much so many of you have enjoyed this game. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing many of you react so positively to the game, from your screenshots, videos, fan art, cosplay, live stream reactions, and more!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such a supportive community! It means the galaxy to us. Your passion has moved us so much that we felt we just had to do something extra as a thank you, and that’s where this update comes in.

Available now, we’re releasing a free conten...

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23 Apr

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Originally posted by prudentgaming

I agree. It looks like there could have been so much detail in that planet

I worked on these 1st 15 mins, warms my heart to see the love <3.

03 Apr