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15 Apr


Originally posted by flokent

I didnt dislike the trailer, underwhelming nontheless

Sometimes trailers hit home with people, sometimes they do not. Curious as to what made it underwhelming for you though!


Originally posted by ImperialSpence

Did they say when the preorders are opening? I couldn't watch the stream, I was looking at the live thread

Preorders are open for Standard and Deluxe, you can find them on, Playstation Store and Microsoft store and all the main retailers. Noticing some questions as to the specifics of the cosmetics in the Deluxe, more news on that at a later time.


For Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order we have no plans for any season pass or DLC. Our focus is on the base game and ensuring it delivers a story worth experiencing.


Such an impressive piece of work, you work so fast, well done!!

14 Apr


That gave me chills, such a great song!

06 Apr

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