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10 Jun


Fun fact: What you saw at EA PLAY was what Andrew Wilson got his hands on with and what he talked about several months ago (though he got to play more than what you saw).


When it comes to livestreams, it's fairly common to take things a lot slower so that it's easier to watch on the initial viewing, in part to make it more cinematic and in another part to allow people who are watching live to follow easily. The same developer played in the above clips as in the livestream.


The ability is known as Force Slow. It's not the same as Force Freeze but it is similar. Consider it the light side version, if you will.

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Originally posted by DeliciousPatties

Actually people still don't care for their design now, the devs are even planning to tweak them sometime soon.

We are yes.

09 Jun


Check our website where these videos are hosted.


Originally posted by capturedacommandpost

They should've used this guy instead of their "expert player" to play the game lmao.

It’s the same person.

07 Jun


When they showed me this for the first time, I just stared at it for a while. Not sure why, but this piece (artist here) helped make it feel real.

01 Jun


Originally posted by ReeceChops44

This might be a really dumb question but is that 3D printed or just digital?

Digital with effects to look 3D. Not dumb at all! Don’t worry. That just means it worked.


Originally posted by Memethew420

Any high quality image you can link for us? Looks amazing

Since it’s an emblem specific to me, I’m going to hold onto it since I don’t want people impersonating me.


Originally posted by Uber_Panzerhund

Layer > Layer Styles > Bevel > OK

Layer > Layer Styles > Drop Shadow > OK

Well, nobody said he had a degree in design or anything.

Wow. Called out.


Don't worry. No spoilers here. That emblem is my own personal emblem (I made it) that I’ve been using for months now. It's usually blue and red, but I wanted to use something more SWJFO-y. (Original here

.) I usually get asked to share them since players like them. It's meant to show the titles I work on, sort of (Battlefront and Fallen Order, so Rebel/New Republic/Resistance + Jedi Order).

(If you're wondering where the rock is from, it's from the panel + the reveal trailer: ...

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28 May


Originally posted by LokiLaufeyson98

You forgot the one: the community founders

As a Community Founder founder, also known as a community manager...

...your move.


Have fun. Play fair. Be kind.

The three tenets of a good community.


Originally posted by YoshiBacon

Any way to take it without receiving any email?

Not sure, to be honest. I don’t think we can send players emails if they’ve opted out of receiving emails from us and I don’t believe there’s another option to opt in. It’s probably some legal thing where it’s all or nothing. I could be wrong, though.


Originally posted by I_am_recaptcha

Is there any way I can ensure I would be considered for future surveys? I love doing my part by way of data collection

Check your profile on and make sure you’ve checked all the boxes for games you’re interested in giving feedback on and the option for us to email you. Other than that, I think all you have to do is play our games on whatever accounts are linked to said EA profile and we select people who fit whatever demographic/requirements we’re trying to get feedback from.


You'd be surprised how much we try to take player feedback into account. If you get one of these, filling it out means a lot to us!

19 May


Originally posted by burritosenior

A wild Charlemagne. Who woulda thunk.

Also me.

15 May


Originally posted by YoshiBacon



04 May


Originally posted by xNathanx27

Is that accurate to a restored version of it? Or is this just a guess by them?

That's solely their take on the hilt, not an official replica or something we worked with them on.

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