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26 Apr

22 Apr


Originally posted by RonenSalathe

I seriously hope you’re not hinting at something (also you forgot elder scrolls blades)

Given that I lead with, "Nope," I'm going to go on a limb and say there's no hint here. I was more so explaining why this is a valid question in modern gaming. It's not that weird to hear.


Originally posted by [deleted]


"blew blew" sounds more like when a blaster bolt hits a shield, in my opinion.


Nope. Just Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

As a reminder to some commenters, mobile gaming is the biggest form of gaming in the world. More and more games by AAA studios (and other developers) are making their way to mobile because of that, such as Fortnite and PUBG, more and more without having to hinder their vision for the game. With the advent of streaming games on the horizon, in a few years, this ask isn’t going to be as weird as some may expect or feel it is now.


Vroom vroom kkkkssht waaaah waaah pew pew vrrrrmmm!

Best description I’m allowed to give at this time. I look forward to the YouTube breakdowns on this comment.

20 Apr


Originally posted by SUPERSTORMowen

u/F8RGE u/EA_Charlemagne any comment on this? I assume it’s just a mistake on their part

Not sure why it says that. It might just be placeholder as we also don’t know what the install size will be.

19 Apr


Play some games, enjoy the moment!

There will inevitably be news drops throughout the months to help make it a little bit more bearable too!

18 Apr


Originally posted by derage88

Would this more or less confirm the game starts at the Venator job?

Why are people downvoting? I was expecting the game could've started at the Jedi academy or something.

Haha, this was 100% sarcasm and shouldn't be taken as alluding to anything.

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Originally posted by x3mplayer

/u/F8RGE throw a man a bone here, hot, in between, cold?

Dieing to know

Nope, I won't be talking about anything story related. I'm in a position where I won't get to play it with the surprise and wonder that you will, not going to spoil that.

17 Apr


You have an awesome manager, make sure to make him a cup of coffee or tea every now and then. All my manager brings back from conventions are more droid-based insults. *cough* /u/F8RGE *cough*

16 Apr


Talks of an Star Wars game had taken place as early as 2014 [1], Respawn was purchased by EA in 2017. Respawn wanted to make this game, that's all there is to it.

15 Apr


No plans for a Collector's Edition, sorry :(
(BD-1 statue please.)


We have no plans for multiplayer within Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is a singleplayer experience through and through.


Originally posted by EAwinsadownvote

For true stealth we better get a cardboard box lmao

What's wrong? Snake? SNAAAAKE?


Originally posted by Randompl3b

only cinematic and no game play, hope this does not turn out to be a shit show like anthem

We wanted to cover the story and tone of the game as our first chance at showcasing it, more news on the intricacies of the game at a later date. Keep those eyes peeled :)


Originally posted by PresidentSkro0b

Has anyone figured out which systems this is getting released on?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There are no plans for any other platforms at this moment in time, sorry!


Originally posted by Loki_308

Anyone know if it'll be first or third person? Im really hoping for first.

Third person!


Originally posted by ArgenJVC332nd

I hope we get Cal and the second sister (cough Barriss cough) in Battlefront 2

I don't really see this happening but it is a good suggestion, who knows what the future may entail - however other things are being worked on when it comes to Battlefront II though. Jedi: Fallen Order and its characters are their own entity.


Originally posted by Sparrowsabre7

Hmm, the lack of lightsaber and whole don't stand out has me worried. Makes for a good story but if we're supposed to be avoiding Jedi things to blend in that doesn't sound like a fun game.

So many Star Wars games, even great ones, seem obsessed with keeping us from our lightsabers (Jedi Knight I and II, KOTOR I and II) hope this isn't the same.

It might have given that impression with the tone of the trailer however stealth isn't really a focus of this game, you can do it but it isn't something that would be actively encouraged.

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