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Latest Patch NotesMaintenance Patch for PlayStation 4 (4 days ago)

14 Mar

13 Mar

Known Issues Addressed by v12.10

17 days ago - Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

12 Mar

Thanks for the report, u/SwagMLG345YT! Did you submit feedback using the in-game Feedback tool by chance? Also, did you happen to notice what might have caused this to happen to them?

Thanks for the report, u/progamer43! I've seen others in the comments mention this may be caused by wraps. If you've encountered this, please let me know what wraps and weapons you were using at the time.

Visual issue with Daily Rewards.

19 days ago - Trello on Trello - Thread - Direct

Description Daily Rewards appear delayed by one day. The Daily Reward shown for the day was acquired the day before.

Platforms All

Workaround Check which reward appeared the day before for the current reward.

JIRA FORT-260510

11 Mar

10 Mar

So.. the bomb somehow got softlocked...

20 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Mercadelabuena

One in the team can always activate it, sometimes it gets bugged and it can only be started by the person who put the bluglo

Thanks for the additional information on this.

09 Mar

Originally posted by P33wack

It's caused when you phase shift or use a dragon slash through the mist/hive u/magyst has posted that they are aware of this problem and are looking in to it.

Edit: dam auto correct kept on putting give and not hive.

Thanks for spreading the word! This is correct. Movement abilities (phase shift, dragon slash, etc) where a cloud has spawned can cause the to get stuck on the player. Using Adrenaline rush will resolve it.

We're working on getting this one addressed.

We've got a fix in for this one in the v12.20 update.

Hey, u/GucciMyFeet!

Thanks for pointing this out. I forwarded this to our QA team so they can look into this.

Originally posted by ColdnessAwaits

Any chance you can help out with this, /u/EpicBoaty? Tons of people have been reporting this on the Discord server and here on Reddit but it's being ignored.

Hey, u/ColdnessAwaits! Thanks for reaching out. This issue will be resolved in our next major game update!

Mentioned this on a few other threads this morning. We're aiming to have this corrected in 12.20. <3

Originally posted by FlopSlurper

what about defenders kills not counting for both scores and dailies? you guys are yet to even acknowledge this bug.

We're still working on that particular bug. This was mentioned in another thread.

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