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12.30 Release Timing

about 7 hours ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey Commanders,

Update v12.30 arrives Tuesday, March 31. Down-time for the update begins at 2 AM ET (0600 UTC).

We take a dive back into the darkest depths this weekend!

Thank you

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this bug really needs to be fixed.

about 13 hours ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for the heads up. Players are supposed to get their own totem to hit in group missions, but you shouldn't be getting this solo. We'll take a look.

27 Mar

Hey, Commanders!

We've released a maintenance patch on PlayStation 4 just now. A download is required.

Thank you!

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26 Mar

Yup! This is still active and you are able to get both Razor and Kuro.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll have the team look into the healing perk and make sure it's functioning correctly.

24 Mar

v12.21 Update

7 days ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct


Downtime for v12.21 has ended!
(Also, as a reminder, the Potshot will be available tomorrow night at 8PM ET.)
Thank you!


Hey, Commanders.

Downtime for v12.21 has begun. We’ll post an update here for you when downtime ends.


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23 Mar

v12.21 Release Timing

7 days ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey commanders!

v12.21 is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24. Downtime begins at 2 AM ET (0600 UTC).

*Note the time downtime begins is earlier than usual.

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Hey there, u/Alphasilverhawk. Apologies on the delay. I've made sure the board was updated. This doesn't reflect EVERY bug that have or are aware of just some of the major pain points reported at the moment.

20 Mar

We’re aware of this issue, and we will be fixing it. As we’ve said before, we will be getting to most reactive effects and fixing them for StW. Thanks for the report though!

19 Mar

Maintenance Patch for PC

12 days ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey, all!

We're posting to let you know that we've released a maintenance patch on PC to address stability.

Thanks! 🙂

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18 Mar

Epic, with all due respect ...

12 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by rayblu_reddit

Well... were you trying to increase the amount of spawns for the ''no dancing'' event? I can only see that as the reason behind it, even though the spawns before were perfect enough.

There is supposed to be a slightly higher number due to the event. Currently the amount that are actually spawning feel higher than the intended number. We're gonna take a look at the spawns and see what's up with that.

Epic, with all due respect ...

13 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're taking a look into the amount of lobbers that spawn in zones. Definitely feels higher than intended.

17 Mar

Originally posted by Pottatostein

  • **Explanation**: Skins, backbling and pickaxe from BR aren't being applied locally in the game, but appear fully functional in the locker. *it seems it is only locally since you can see other players skins in the mission*
  • **Evidence**:
  • **If reproducible, how**: Applying a skin, backbling and pickaxe from BR and entering a mission.
  • **Platform*\*: PC

Thanks for the report! I've passed this along to our QA team to make sure it's something they're aware of.

Originally posted by xX_Hero

**Explanation**: Storm King’s Onslaught still bugged. The projectiles not seeking the target head. Sometimes they turn to the ground. This since v12.00

**Evidence**: shooting hucks with the Storm King’s Onslaught in regular mission

**If reproducible, how**: same as above

**Platform**: PC

Thanks for reporting this. I've sent this over to our QA team to make sure they're aware of this issue.

Originally posted by Algebra4TheWin

**Explanation**: Husks killed by defenders to not count towards a daily exterminate mission.

**Evidence**: My assault rifle defenders were killing the husks, but my daily assault rifle kill count did not increase.

**If reproducible, how**: Put out a defender with the same weapon as your daily exterminate mission.

**Platform**: PC

We're still in progress on this one. We'll make sure to let you know when it's resolved.

PSA: Defenders are STILL BROKEN

14 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're still working to get this one addressed and I definitely apologize for the delay. It's definitely frustrating to have your eliminations sniped by your defenders.

Could you use the in-game feedback option if this happens to you again? Title it with: Cosmetics - Not loading. This will give us all the information we need in terms of client logs. (Tells us what's going on behind the scenes).

Definitely interested to learn more about this one as I haven't experienced it myself and it wasn't seen in testing. Let me know if this happens again!

v12.20 Update

14 days ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

It seems that an unlikely hero arrives at homebase. Does he have what it takes to join the fight? Downtime has ended for the v12.20 update.
Take a look at the newest Homebase Status Report for more information about this update!
Thank you.



Downtime for v12.20 has begun.

We’ll post an update here when downtime ends.

Thanks! <3

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16 Mar

v12.20 Release Timing

14 days ago - /u/TheFortniteTeam on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Hey everyone,

Get ready to Cram, Commanders! Update v12.20 arrives tomorrow. Downtime will begin at 4 AM ET (0800 UTC).

Thank you!

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Game breaking bug: Retrieve the Data

15 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

There are fixes for issues with the Retrieve the Data missions in update 12.20. Here is our Trello Card on that issue.

12 Mar

Thanks for the report, u/SwagMLG345YT! Did you submit feedback using the in-game Feedback tool by chance? Also, did you happen to notice what might have caused this to happen to them?

Thanks for the report, u/progamer43! I've seen others in the comments mention this may be caused by wraps. If you've encountered this, please let me know what wraps and weapons you were using at the time.

10 Mar

So.. the bomb somehow got softlocked...

20 days ago - /u/Magyst on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Mercadelabuena

One in the team can always activate it, sometimes it gets bugged and it can only be started by the person who put the bluglo

Thanks for the additional information on this.

09 Mar

Originally posted by P33wack

It's caused when you phase shift or use a dragon slash through the mist/hive u/magyst has posted that they are aware of this problem and are looking in to it.

Edit: dam auto correct kept on putting give and not hive.

Thanks for spreading the word! This is correct. Movement abilities (phase shift, dragon slash, etc) where a cloud has spawned can cause the to get stuck on the player. Using Adrenaline rush will resolve it.

We're working on getting this one addressed.

We've got a fix in for this one in the v12.20 update.

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