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12 May

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10 May


Hi u/JetFindMyLlamaToo We have just put out a PSA Tweet about this. We will continue making improvements over the next few updates

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Description: We’re aware of an issue where some players may be receiving a “Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (1275)” error message when launching Fortnite on Windows 11.

Workaround: Please check out this FAQ if you’re experiencing this issue:

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Description Players may experience an issue when firing their weapon while sprinting and jumping. The shot may not do any damage and also does not use ammo.

Jira FORT-526318

09 May

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Competitive Update We’ve disabled ODM Gear in Arena and Tournaments due to this issue being present during the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals.

We’ve also increased the amount of Kinetic Blades dropped across the Battle Royale Island to keep mobility options available in the current competitive meta.

Description We’re aware of an issue where players swinging with ODM Gear may find themselves unable to enter build mode. Swinging again or switching weapons should resolve this, and we’ll have a proper fix in a future update. Dropping the ODM Gear before swinging/switching may make the issue last the rest of the match.

Jira FORT-605000

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