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Hey all,

I have been following along with this, especially since there is more information about the error occurring in the Adventure Board battles (a couple have mentioned the second battle in the second task)

Has this been occurring each day, the second battle-second task each time? Or since before the weekend, has it happened on other AB tasks?

Just trying to find if there is any consistency between the error and the task, so the issue may be with the task or if it is Adventure Boards generally.

Outside of this, we do go through some of the more general troubleshooting for out-of-sync errors first because there are various reasons this can pop up but also helps find if there is some common thread between reports! :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

6 months ago - Jeto - Direct link

To keep this thread from getting into the weeds, we will just address out-of-sync errors in the Adventure board only here, as it was what the original thread was addressing.

@CaptainAwesome if you are getting semi-regular soft locking, can you send through a ticket to Support & one of the team will get into some more in-depth troubleshooting for what you are experiencing?

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We’re currently having server issues, the team are on it now.

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Hey folks, if you’re still having this issue can you tell me roughly what time (and your time zone) you’re playing Adventure Board?
Is it the first thing you do when you sign in each day?
Does it happen every single time you play AB or only some of the time?

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Knowing it’s quite close to your first login of the day is helpful.
Do you get taken through the initial loading screen with the 505Games and IP2 logos before getting this error or straight into the game?

2 months ago - Kafka - Direct link

I’ll add this info to the bug report thank you both

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