22 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

The Gnome spawn rate definitely seems correct for a Vault event.

I’m not aware of anything we’ve done that would drop the Kingdom battlecrasher spawn rate too low for #10 today vs any other day.

It doesn’t appear as though there’s an issue currently and certainly nothing has been changed that would touch battlecrasher spawn rates - the number of reports is what is making me sus and getting the sanity check.

It’s currently after 7:30pm on Friday here so I won’t be able to reply immediately but I will check back to see if I have a reply from the team later tonight/in the morning. Assume it’s working as intended unless you see me pop back in this thread.

If anything IS wrong the team will fix it, I may just be slower on the communicating that back to you if I don’t see the ping (need to go afk to grab dinner).

19 days ago - Jeto - Direct link

Hey all,

@Kafka passed this on before the weekend and since this morning we have been attempting to reproduce this issue while we have been investigating. Once there is an update or anything further, one of us will jump in here again :sparkles: but just wanted to let everyone know we are looking into it.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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