14 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

Happy to confirm the update is NOT this week!

13 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

Can also confirm there’s no PQ3 update this week :joy:

12 days ago - Kafka - Direct link

As a small team, I do appreciate your patience as we have to make sometimes difficult decisions about how we use our time as we not only manage these forums but other channels too.
If you want to continue to have a discussion about PQ3 in a constructive manner, I am happy to do that in the PQ3 forum. It is absolutely not appropriate to continue this discussion here and as such, this will be the last word on the matter in this forum.

11 days ago - Jeto - Direct link

Hey all,

Just advising you that I have removed the most recent posts on this thread as it continued to be off-topic from the initial thread/forum.

In future, please keep all discussions and feedback in their relevant thread/forum.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: