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Hey, it’s not really a concern if a Power Level is blocked by a task. There will always be a cap until new content is released over time, at which point the cap increases etc. I’d be more concerned if the cap was paywalled, which I’ve double checked Ghulvania and it’s not paywalled.

Regarding the Daily Deals, we’ve been sharing all the feedback we’ve been receiving.
We can see there’s definitely room for improvement in the Daily Deals, however, as the game is a live service game with new content being released weekly and several updates a year on going, we do work on the game incrementally, it’s often not possible to do everything in one shot, so as new content is released, we do review the older systems over time. There are things in the game now that weren’t there when the Daily Deals feature was designed and released, so while we can sometimes add new things, as you’ve noticed at some point we do need to review not only Daily Deals but how all systems in the game were affected by specific new content.

This is definitely something that we’re aware of, and the CX team will continue to pass this feedback on about Daily Deals specifically but hopefully this gives more reasoning as to why the Daily Deals are currently the way they are.

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Oof, I missed the Pets, I will bring that up to the team.

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No embellishments:

The team are aware that players want better Daily Deals and the CX team have passed on details regarding what that means. We have not been told no, but we also haven’t been told when it will be addressed. Because it’s not next on the schedule (as far as I’m aware), we don’t have any details.

So all we can say is that we are absolutely aware of all the feedback, and we’ve had no debates about whether or not they should be improved, I just don’t have any details at all to share at this stage.

When we do, we will absolutely share them as we know this is something that has been asked for a lot.

If the answer was a no, by now we would have posted something with the reasons behind it.

We haven’t been told no, but we have no other information at this time.

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Just to add we have a lot going on behind the scenes at all times. Currently the 2 biggest priorities are working on version 6.3 and, unrelated to 6.3, there are issues with Guild mail, there has been for a long time, to solve these issues isn’t trivial and is a huge time sink, so these 2 things are currently where the dev’s attention is.

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@awryan I moved your new thread into this one as it was in relation to the same topic and Kafka had posted some information in here recently.

Just to keep it all in one place where possible.

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This is one of the things we’ve raised with the team. I’ve also checked in again with the team this morning and I don’t have any other updates yet sorry.

Currently the priorities are Guild mail (which is a good thing as this issue is related to a few other things as well that really need the time and attention) and 6.3.

I’ve let the team know that as far as community priorities go this one would be high priority and that it has existed for a long time now.

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We have a lot going on with Gems of War at the moment behind the scenes, it is using up all of the Dev time.

IP2 doesn’t do contract work.

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@Starlite I had merged your new thread, into this existing thread where we have been sharing what information we have in regards to these Kingdom/Daily offers. So no update or response is missed across any new threads.
As with your responses @Wow & @ANGI

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OH I see, sorry!

Ah yeah, it’s common for an advertising company to serve in app ads, which is what we’ve done also (we’re not a marketing company so let them handle that :slight_smile: )

Otherwise, some of the game art is done externally, although we do have our own art team as well, it takes a few people to push out new content every week.

None of the programming is contracted out, that’s all done internally. We have expanded our team, and are literally right now still growing but we are still a small team, the entire company is still less than 30 people and obviously, some of those people are like myself, working on CX or other areas not necessarily directly related to the development of the game - ie like the actual coding and design. It takes a suprising amount of work to develop a game like Gems of War (or I guess, not surprising, depending on your background haha).

Basically, although the company is small and probably last time someone asked me, we had like 20 staff. I’ve lost count at this point and I can’t do a head count as we’re still not back in the office :scream: we have a larger team on Gems of War than we did before PQ3 development or covid started.

Which is great because we can address more things, but at the same time… it’s still a stretch, especially right now as when I mention the Guild mail issue, which is a small issue on the surface, it’s a large one on the back end.

Which honestly is entirely normal for games that start inching towards being a decade old. Before starting at IP2 one of the games I worked for had to be rewritten from scratch because the code was so outdated, while said game was still in live service development.

THANKFULLY, we’re not in that position at GoW, a stitch in time saves 9 and all of that but this Guild mail issue is one of those stitches in time which will eventually save us from that sort of drastic measure. One of the costs of that is, we have no time for anything else while that and the next update are addressed.

We’ve also been upgrading and improving server performance (if you notice some hiccups I’m afraid it’s all been part of the process sorry! The outcome will be worth it though).

Hopefully this gives some insight into where some of that Dev time is going and what else we have going on behind the scenes :slight_smile:

I do like sharing this information and we have started a monthly community update blog on PQ3, I will let 505 experiment with that blog and then take lessons learnt there to see if that’s something that would be good for Gems of War as well (seems like it would be a win for our communication).

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I’m calling it the Guild mail issue as an over simplification :sweat_smile:

Basically we’re working on fixes/improvements to the way the game server/database handles large numbers of requests as we’re having issues with players not receiving all their Guild Task mail. The root of this issue is also linked to things like any issues with Guild Wars scoring and while I don’t believe we’ve seen it for the other live event scoring, it will prevent any issues occuring in the other live events in future.

Basically, what we’ve been calling the ‘Guild mail issue’ is a huge look into the way large amounts of requests hitting the database at the same time are handled so a bunch of issues players have been reporting can be improved/fixed and future proof everything else that could be affected as well. It’s mostly related to Guild stuff as Guilds hit the same part of the database at the same time most often because you’re all well coordinated Gem matching machines.

This is also just one part of some improvements we’ve been working on regarding the servers/database as well.

These are critical tasks to running a healthy online game.

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We need a better acronym than WCGMMs :joy:

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