about 2 months ago - OminousGMan - Direct link

Hey everyone!

In regards to this bug we should have a hopeful fix in update 5.7.

I hope that helps answer your question on this. :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

about 1 month ago - Kafka - Direct link

Hi folks,

The reason Gman mentioned we have a “hopeful” fix for the next update version 5.7 is that we’re still awaiting the official response from QA that the fix is verified. We believe the issue is fixed in the next update but we don’t announce it absolutely is until we get that final verification.

The reason the fix cannot be released sooner is because it requires a client update - that means that we need to submit new game builds to all the platforms the game is on and then await those platforms approval - which we have no control over from that point.

When we can fix things on the server, we do so as that means we can get the fix out quickly, but this one requires a change in the game code so it has to go through the entire submission and approval process.

We are very sorry for the wait, we are doing everything we can and we know how frustrating this bug is. I’m also sorry for the delayed responses in this thread.