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Hey all,

Believe this topic has been responded to previously but in a different thread and this one may have been missed.

As Nintendo Switch is 9 months behind the other consoles due to it’s release. This means that there are a number of Troops, Weapons, Pets etc that have yet to be released on Switch, which is why they are not available yet.

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Hey, this has come up before but it’s been awhile.

Basically there are rules and restrictions regarding In App Purchases (IAPs).
At the time we released on Nintendo Switch we weren’t able to offer all our IAPs on Switch. The team do have a review of which IAPs we’re offering on Switch and if we’re able to we will add them in the future.

Nintendo Switch will get all the content the other platforms have eventually, including these Weapons. However, at this stage we don’t have an ETA for this.