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27 Apr

22 Apr


Hey there Murkynamic,

Both of those issues could have so many different things happening that I would need to see a replay of this happening. If you still have some Replays where you see this occur send them along following the Bug Attachment Guidelines. If you don’t have any, just keep an eye out and if you see it happen again, please pass the replay along.

There is not enough information here to help me investigate what you are seeing.

Thanks for the help!


Hey OrangeJuice!

My preliminary poking into this ability is not seeing Tassadar being revealed by dealing or taking damage which is consistent with how Unrevealable works.

If I had to guess, the ability is accidentally being cancelled due to missing protection for that. I’ll continue to investigate!

Thanks for the report!

16 Apr


Hey there Lulliduf,

I’ll need to actually see the replay so I can dig into why this might have happened. If you can, would you be able to email that replay along using the Bug Attachment Guidelines


Hey Kolcrabe,

Let’s try something first. In the upper right-hand corner of the profile page, make sure you have everything selected in the Game Types drop-down and that you are set to Lifetime.


Hey Mangoreaper!

Of those 63 games played, did you win 50? Season Rewards require the completion of the Seasonal Quest Line of winning 50 games.

15 Apr


Hey NovaBot,

We are aware of this issue and looking into it now, thank you for the report!


Hey there HTown,

You are correct that new behavior will have disconnected players have the AI move the Hero back to base.

In regards to the Deathwing issue, I’ll look into this, thanks for the report!


I think that can be very good feedback, however, since this forum is for Bug reports, and there are no bugs here, I’m going to close this thread.

However, I’d encourage you to take this feedback over to the General Discussion forum where we keep an eye out for feedback!



Hey MurkyOrFeed!

I’ll take a look into this now! Thanks :smiley:


Just for clarity!

I will still be looking into this, never hurts to investigate haha.

That said, it could be a great help to send along a replay if possible just to make debugging any issues much easier. You can follow the steps in the pinned topic Bug Attachment Guidelines


This is correct!

Disconnected players replaced with AI will sit in the base unless otherwise pinged to follow. This is new as of the recent patch.


Hey Deathrevived,

As of the latest patch, the Call for Help nexus anomaly will cause turrets, forts, and keeps to attack you if you damage enemy Heroes under them, this also happens if you summons deal damage too!

14 Apr

You're minding your business beneath a friendly Tower when an enemy Hero attacks. Instead of helping, though, your Tower keeps attacking minions!

“Personally, I’ve never really felt safe under my own towers,” says Kevin Gu, a developer on the Heroes team. “Which is strange, considering there are literally cannons right next to you!”

It's not a good feeling being a friendly structure’s second or third priority when it’s your first. That’s why the second Nexus Anomaly, A Call for Help, is hitting the live servers with changes that make both Towers and Cores more reliable teammates, featuring unique abilities that make them defensive forces to be reckoned with.

Experience Globes, our first Nexus Anomaly, went so well that the team is keeping it in the game permanently; the same is possible for A Call for Help, though it’s also possible that these changes will only last a Season. A full breakdown of the changes may be found ...

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It began with a crack. A seeping wound through which the Raven Lord drew beings of the Dark Nexus to serve his nefarious will. Though the Raven Lord was defeated, the crack remained. It widened. Spiderwebbed. A drip became a flow, and the flow became a flood, chaos and hatred spilling across the Nexus, threatening to defile it forever.

Some, like the noble Protoss heroes Tassadar and Fenix, journeyed into the rift, risking their sanity to slow the corruption. Others, drawn by the outpouring of power, sought to harness it. Deathwing soared into the violent heart of the Dark Nexus intent on gorging himself and waging a war of conquest. As with Tassadar and Fenix, contact with the turbulent forces found within transformed the fearsome black dragon forever.

Will the snarling overflow of Dark Nexus energies be stopped, reversed, or turned to Deathw...

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Our next Heroes of the Storm patch is live and brings a new Dark Nexus II event, new skins and mounts, along with a Tassadar rework and more! Read on for more information.

NOTE: Orange text indicates a change between PTR and Live notes.

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09 Apr


Hey Megavolt!

Would you be able to post a link to a picture of what you are seeing?

07 Apr


Hey there!

I’ll take a look into this now, thanks!

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