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20 Feb


Hey there,

I get that some of you are still reporting this issue, but I need the information I asked in my post above to help narrow down this issue. So far I’ve tried this hundreds of times internally and have not been able to reproduce this over a variety of different conditions. If you all can help me out by letting me know the answers to these questions, it might help me find out what you are seeing!

  1. What repeatable quest did you complete?
  2. How many stickers did you have?
  3. Did you complete a lap? If so, how many laps is this for you?
  4. Did you level a Hero up at the same time as completing a quest? If so what Hero and what level.

13 Feb


Hey Surge,

Thanks for the report I’ll take a look and see what I see!


Hey Aedoxx,

Most times, this is because you have logged into the wrong Region. Verify in Battle.net that you are launching the game in the region you usually play in.

You can also verify this in game by clicking log out in the menu, verifying the region in the box in the lower left hand corner, and re-logging in!

Let me know if this doesn’t fix your problem.


Thanks for taking the time to type this.

I think your premise makes sense. As for your solution, adding a seperate cooldown reduction mechanic on top of the increasing duration mechanic feels like a bit much in regards to the talent having too much stuff going on, I think we can just get away with just lowering the cooldown to get the same effect. We could also just add cooldown reduction to the existing mechanic, so you want to hit people to get both benefits.

I made a note to think on it. Thanks for the post!


Hey BadgerBone!

Thanks for the report on this, I’ll take a look!


Hey everyone!

Isolation has two effects, it removes a players vision and Silences. Deathwing is immune to Silence, but Unstoppable currently does not remove effects that take away vision from a player.

Even Johanna and her Iron Skin can be hit by Isolation causing her to lose vision, but she can still cast abilities, which is the same interaction I am seeing on Deathwing.

12 Feb


Hey Nemesis,

Would you mind checking again in game? I am seeing this as fixed on my end as of the patch that went out today. If you are still seeing it happening in game please let me know!

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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11 Feb


There are a lot of good ones. When you’re picking Diablo as a tank your initial best strategy is to kill one enemy very quickly when they’re out of position. Therefore, heroes who bring follow-up CC to his initial burst of offensive power are generally the best.

Healers that i’m happy to see when i’m Diablo are:

  1. Tyrande - There’s a reason this is a tried and true combo. Tyrande provides both follow-up CC and vulnerability on the target he charges. The combo does take coordination to pull off though, so unless you’re on the same page this won’t work well.
  2. Uther
  3. Malfurion
  4. Deckard (his CC is a little slow though so it’s best to have someone else who can more reliably follow up Diablo’s Stun)
  5. Anduin

Really anyone who has reliable CC is optimal. You can get away with soft CC like Stukov, or other useful debuffs like Ana’s Grenade as well, but it’s not as easy to pull off as simply CC-chaining Diablo’s target and ki...

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Very cool!

I do think it would be neat for some more analysis on your end of what this data means. You did a little with Ragnaros and Xul, but I’m sure there are more cool, interesting gems you can find in there.

In any case, I think it’s awesome that you took the time to get this data.


Johanna is a generally powerful tank and is more meta right now, so you’re good picking her pretty much any time. She does shine more on maps where waveclear is more powerful. She’s particularly valuable on maps with two close lanes that consistently need to be cleared, like Tomb of the Spider Queen and Dragon Shire.

Diablo has traditionally been more powerful on certain maps. He can absolutely dominate games on maps where teams fight in small corridors such as Cursed Hollow, Infernal Shrines, and Towers of Doom.

Everything being equal, Johanna is the safer pick more often, but Diablo can completely win the game for you, particularly if you are more skilled than your opponents and are reliably taking advantage of their mistakes in positioning.

08 Feb

    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey, Stavros. This is reasonable, I can look into Nova (love her) decoy A.I.

    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

I think this is reasonable, thank you. I will take a look at the health thresholds that govern the healing fountain goal and see if it’s safe to adjust.

    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey AnaBanana, this is something I will look into.

    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey, mynd.

I agree with the frustration of watching disconnect replacement A.I. try to help, but often end up becoming a liability to your team. I want to share with you more details of additional changes related to your feedback that we are hoping to ship in the next release, details that we did not have time to include in my original post or the blog.

When your ally disconnects from the game, their replacement A.I. is put into a precarious position. It’s like suddenly dropping a Silver player into a match with 9 Master players. It’s very difficult for the AI to keep up with humans. In the past we have tried to make A.I. more sophisticated by attempting to capture more and more game context into their decision making, hoping that it would make them react more intelligently. Our collective observations have lead us to accept that disconnect replacement A.I. will never be strong enough in its decision making to play well with human players on their own. Instead, we want...

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07 Feb

    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

Yes, this is something that I have fixed for the next release.

Senior Designer Kevin Gu takes great joy in moments when the Heroes of the Storm A.I. dunks on him during playtests. Maybe a little too much joy.

“When you get annihilated by Diablo Shadow Charging you into a wall, stunning you, popping Apocalypse, and then flipping you back into the Apocalypse,” says Gu, “you think ‘oh my goodness, I just got destroyed by the A.I.’”

But to reliably capitalize on human mistakes like that, you first have to get the A.I. into position to do so. That’s the challenge Gu, who got involved with A.I. on the Heroes team three years ago, is currently focused on. The current system holds two major components: the Goal system and the Tactical system. Put simply, the Goal system decides where the Hero moves, and the Tactical system determines what they do when they get there. These two systems interact with each other to drive A.I. behavior.

“Before, [the A.I.] would often get confused about where they should go,” says Gu.


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    BlizzKGu on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hello, and good day to you all!

My name is Kevin Gu, and I am a Senior Designer on the Heroes team. I have been working alongside Jeff Beaudoin, our Lead Gameplay Engineer, on our game’s A.I. We wanted to take a moment to update you all on where we are and how our three major A.I. initiatives are progressing.

Reconciliation of the Goal and Tactical Systems

There are two systems under the hood of Heroes that work together to drive agent behavior: the Goal system and the Tactical system. The Goal system is responsible for determining where A.I. agents should move, while the Tactical system provides agents with awareness of their surroundings so that they use and target their abilities intelligently. Last year, in an effort to improve agent in-combat positioning, we made it possible for the Tactical system to override the Goal system. Although we believe the changes were ultimately a good iteration, they did expose several underlying issues that w...

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06 Feb


Hey melvin,

Cho’gall must be picked in a round where you have two picks available. If you only have one pick available, then Cho and Gall are classified as unavailable picks. If time runs out and no one is hovering a valid pick, or selects a valid pick for that last slot, then the draft will be terminated and leavers given to those not hovering valid picks.

05 Feb

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