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so everytime i try and load hyper scape im getting constant crash reports before it even opens it also happens with r6 vulkan and dont know why everything worked fine before a couple of days ago ive tried clearing my cache, reinstalling the game, reinstalling uplay, verifying files and reinstalling and updating my driver

my specs are
radeon rx 570
amd ryzen 5 2600x
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Hey ODAN_BlazeTTV,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

With you also experiencing this issue with Rainbow Six Siege, this may indicate an issue with your PC.

Do you receive a specific error message at all or does the game simply close?
17 days ago - Ubi-Redbeard - Direct link
Thanks for getting back to me, ODAN_BlazeTTV.

Could you please create a case on the website here and submit your system files for investigation?

Links in this thread

How To Submit Dxdiag and MSinfo Files
How do I submit system files with a support ticket when I have an issue with the PC version of a game?

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