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First of all, to give some feedback: I really enjoy this game! I love that gameplay is so fast and that you as a player are so incredible mobile! Thats exactly what I ve been looking for. A fast paste game that rewards aim. A game in which a single headshot does not kill you (sniper aside, thats fair in my eyes). A game in which you do not automatically loose just because you got attacked from behind! Makes we wanna stay ofc. I am excited for first season. ^^/

Now to the problem which I am experiencing lately. Since the last patch I am experiencing stutters. for a fraction of a sec the connectivity indicator bottom right side blinks (either yellow or red) and I experience a short lag. I didn't have those problems before thats why I think its related to the latest patch. Does anyone experience the same issues? It would not be that big of a deal in any other game I have played so far, but since you are so incredible mobile in this game it really is noticable even if the duration of lag is really really short.
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Thank you for your feedback, I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying the game.

I understand that you have been experiencing some connectivity issues. Could you please try these connectivity troubleshooting steps to see if it helps.

I would also recommend trying these PC troubleshooting steps as well.

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