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I have turned down all video settings and do not believe it is video related.

Game freezes for 3 to 5 seconds every 30 seconds or so. When this happens I see the latency or connection indicator flash on the right side of the screen.

This makes the game unplayable, although I do have a lot of fun between those freezes.
I'm still very excited about being able to enjoy this game but I am wondering if you are giving limited bandwidth to the beta servers and this might cause the problem I am experiencing?

Thanks for any help, and having fun so far!
24 days ago - Ubi-Ginge - Direct link
Hi Johnny_Funk & TRUP3486!
Sorry for our delay in responding.
Can you go through the steps in this link, especially the part about port forwarding, and let us know if you're still having the same problem.

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