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Hey guys

Here we go again... I and all my friends from South America are being placed in NA servers at 99% of matches, solo or squad!
Why your MM system dont put us in some kind of queue for wait for more SA players? The experience of play this game with high latency is horrible! Many shoots dont register damages, weird things happens all the time.

The community is not that big in SA, but many players still are trying the game, testing it, and they just end giving up because the experience that we all have is always bad by playing with 150~210 ms against 10~30 ms players!

please, fix you mm, BEFORE the GAME completely DIE in SA!

Most of the players who tested the game and relized that the experience of playing isnt fun (because of latency ofc, this game is way fun) will not give another chance for Hyper Scape, I know my self many players who already hate the game, because their experience playing it was equally hateful. So I and all SA players who loves the game beg, fix this matchmaking before we lose more players FOR EVER!



BTW, the "DataCenterHint=sbr" line dont change anything, we keep being placed in high latency servers even setting this in GameSettings.ini file
3 months ago - Ubi-Baron - Direct link
Hi guys,

We're sorry to hear this has been occurring for you.

Where are you guys located and with what ISP are you?

Additionally, I assume you have all tried following the steps to manually change your Datacenter found here? Obviously I can see the OP mention they have done so.
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Thank you for the extra details, TTV_Raizen_OW, we've passed this on to the team.

Just to confirm, you aren't using any VPN or tunneling software at all?
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Thank you for confirming that.

We certainly understand that this is a frustrating issue for yourself, and the SA community.

We have passed the details on to be investigated, and we will update you when we have more information around this.
2 months ago - Ubi-TheBerry - Direct link
Hello guys,

Further to imnkz's comment, have any further of you attempted to manually change your Data Centre and tested the results?

If you guys could give that a try and let us know if that works for you or the issue still persists, this will help us investigate.

Thank you!
2 months ago - Ubi-Borealis - Direct link
Hey there guys!

Thank you for reporting this issue with the Datacenters to us, we are aware of this occurring and it's currently being investigated.

To help us look into this, please provide us with the information below:
- Does this happen in both Solo & Squads mode? If you are playing in Squads, is the Squad leader from the same region as you are?
- After changing your Datacenter Manually, have you set the File/Folder to Read-Only? Please do so if you have not already.
- Were there any outages reported by your ISP at the time you were playing?

If you can provide us with that information it will help the Hyper Scape team to look into this. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by TTV_Raizen_OW
Yes, as I told many times, we all from SA are being placed in NA servers dont matter what we do! Solo, squad or squad with 3 SA players, we always are placed in NA high latency servers

Yes, I and my friends did it, but nothing changed

but we keep being placed only in high latency servers

no! this is not a ISP issue! ALL PLAYERS, from ALL ISPs, CITIES OR COUNTRIES from SA are being placed in NA servers!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to those questions. I'll pass this information onto the team. Thank you for assisting with the investigation!
about 2 months ago - Ubi-Swaggins - Direct link
Hey TTV_Raizen_OW,

The issue is still under investigation with the team, at this time we do not have any updates to share. Once this changes we will let you know.
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Originally Posted by TTV_Raizen_OW
Too late, the game is dead now

Hyperscape was a very fun game, but it's bugs killed it! Next time give some attention for other regions players please, nobody likes to play with or against high latency folks.

GG, but not WP

PS: You guys gonna say you always cared about all regions players, but your actions shows much more than words
I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. Please be assured that our team are investigating this issue further. As mentioned by my colleague Swaggins, I'm afraid that we have no new updates to share. Once this changes, we will share it within our forums. We apologise for any inconvenience, and appreciate your patience at this time.
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Originally Posted by IsTincho
Unfortunately it is as the friend comments. I am from Argentina and I am experiencing this on PC since the game was out. On PS4 we also have latency problems, but it still finds a game at least. Not on PC, there are no games anymore, 1 hour searching to play and I haven't found a single time. Both in squad mode and in teams. The game is dead, I just have to continue enjoying it on PS4 and uploading my pass watching streams
Hey there,

Sorry to hear that.

It may be worth running through some connectivity troubleshooting for PC.

Otherwise, we don't have any further information on this investigation, sorry for the inconvenience

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