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I really hope Ubi is planning on enhancing the animations over all for these Contender rigs. They have stiff movements in-game and the faces don't animate well in the store/locker, especially when they talk. I don't want people to pass on such a great game because it doesn't have that AAA quality feel about the third person animations or because the store/locker-room presentation isn't that great.

I think there should be different rigs built out with different animations for female, male, robot, alien, or whatever else comes to this virtual world inside our digital game. The Contenders just need more character overall, which require smaller facial and hand gesture animations. In the store/locker, they mostly look depressed with hard lined features and dark shading that make them look very plain, and the hair looks like snap-on/snap-off lego hair. Is that on purpose?

I just want this game to put Apex in the dirt on quality. It already beats the gameplay imo, and the engine runs much smoother and sharper. I even like the movement better, minus the few polish features needed for sliding.
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Thanks for your input! I can tell you are really enjoying the game and want nothing but the best for it. I am not 100% sure if it is intended on purpose, but I can look into it!