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First of all, I�m a controller player. I love to aim with controller, play every game with controller. However, the response curve in this game just ruined my aiming. Please give an option to set it to raw input for the right stick, or even more adjustments for the sensitivity, just like what Titanfall 2/Apex Legends does (e.g. Extra speed apply on the sensitivity when you push the joystick to maximum, allowance for adjusting the response curve).

Also, please allow us to set the deadzone to 0, instead of 5 as a minimum. That 5% of deadzone is very annoying when I am aiming with DS4 controller (Xbox controller is fine, because it has something like 4-6% of anti-deadzone)

The last thing about controller is that I wish to have free button mappings for controller. It�s so difficult to play this game with current mappings in my opinion.

Moreover, about the game balancing, I think the Protocol V is too powerful as a hit scan weapon. The damage is totally fine, but I think it�s better to set the bullet it shot to projectile. When this gun fused to maximum level, it�s too easy to get �free kills� because of the hit scan bullet

That�s all I think about the open beta, thank you.
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Thank you so much for your controller feedback! We have been looking more into controllers in general for various reasons, and I have seen a few others request the option for free button mapping. We mentioned a bit ago that we are working on controller remapping, but it has some slight blockers at the moment.

Moreover, about the game balancing, I think the Protocol V is too powerful as a hit scan weapon. The damage is totally fine, but I think it’s better to set the bullet it shot to projectile. When this gun fused to maximum level, it’s too easy to get “free kills” because of the hit scan bullet
Moving it to a projectile weapon seems to be the popular balancing suggestion from players. I've been keeping an eye on the increase in discussion.
20 days ago - UbiMorning - Direct link
After I played this game with controller for these few days, I think the aim assist is a bit too strong. I think it would be better to reduce the attraction of the aim assist to enemy players for something like 20-30%.
This is one aspect we are looking into regarding controllers at the moment. There is a bug with adhesion where it causes it to be more snappy than we would like.

By the way, before nerfing the aiming assist, please provide more setting options for controller. As I mentioned before, the response curve used for the controller now is too weird and ruining my aim, it is unplayable without the strong aim assist.

I would like to talk about this more detail. Even I set the deadzone to 5% (which is the lowest deadzone I can set currently, it will be nice if I can set it to 0%), the camera rotate extremely slow If I don’t push the joystick more than 30%. It's like I'm playing with a 30% dead zone.

Also, the camera will rotate very fast if I push the joystick to something like 80-100%. I think developers has added extra rotation speed for the camera when the joystick push into this range of value (80-100%). Please give an option to set this range, and also that extra speed. I think you can make a page of advanced settings for the controller, which you can adjust different values specifically.
Thank you for going a bit more indepth! I'll add this to my feedback report for controller options.

For some reason, I always press the left stick button for sprinting in this game. It makes my left thumb very sore every time I played this game for few hours. Please give an option for auto sprinting.
We mentioned during the Tech Test that we plan to try to implement an auto-run feature for this case. We definetly don't want to cause strain for players.

Just want to talk about the hack ability, Mine. I think the Mine is still too powerful after the nerf from last patch. It's better the nerf the hp (it's too difficult to destroy a flying mine, also please give aim assist for the controller when aiming to the Mine), or reduce the damage it caused. It can always give an huge advantage when the player place a Mine near the enemy during the gun fight.
I've been collecting feedback on the state of Mine currently. I think both of those ideas are popular within the community. It feels like it takes too long to shoot the Mine while it is chasing you, and it also does a lot of damage to you.

[quote]This is what I forgot to mention last time. Please add a FPS(framerate per second) lock for a more stable frame generate time, also for G-Sync. As when I am playing this game, the FPS will always higher than the refresh rate of my monitor, which cannot allow the G-Sync works properly. Locking the FPS is very important in competitive shooting games in my opinion./quote]
I think a FPS cap would be really important. Thanks for pointing this out!

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