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So recently i,m trying to play hard on this game
but those Dam hacker ruing my gaming experience
i would like to spend my money and buy a lot of stuff in this game
But sorry
i only see a lot of hack in this game
I wonder what the hack are the Battle eye doing?useless?I think yes!
17 days ago - UbiMorning - Direct link
Hey BotJL! Please make sure you are sending reports to the player support team so we can look into these players as well. It is important to understand that anti-cheat does not necessarily mean the ban process is instant. There are other aspects that have to be done, like detecting it in the first place, patching up things these cheats are exploiting, and applying bans to all accounts who were using a specific hack.
It's also important to remember there is an issue currently where the adhesion with controllers is extra snappy and may look kind of suspicious. We are working to address this as well!