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An honest suggestion to the devs of this game, guys this game is awesome, but they're no fricking way for hacker ban. NO Anti Cheat system, No reporting system no spectate mode. A guy kills you from half a map with a riot heavy pistol and you just cant spectate him to find out that he is legit or using some trash hack. You cant report him nothing!!!! Are you guys even serious....... and you bloody expect the players to enjoy, Helloo, seriously!!!! Sorry to say but if the system stays like this same, Hyper scape gonna be a trash game.
Free to play thingy is good but no anti-cheat system makes the game worse than HELL!...
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There is Anti-Cheat with Hyper Scape. We use BattlEye for Anti-Cheat and we have been absolutely using it to ban players in the game. An in-game report sysyem will be coming soon. For now, you can flag players in the Player Support portal. As for a spectating mode/replay cam system, I have passed along the idea stressing the fact that it would help with determining if someone needs to be reported. It really sucks you are seemingly running into these kinds of people, and the team would like to resolve that as soon as we can.

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