26 days ago - moxjet200 - Direct link

Hi all, the squares that you’ve been seeing in chat are characters or symbols that are not rendered correctly on your PC due to not having a font-face that supports it. This is usually due to another language with those characters or symbols being sent, and the reason you see them sent in succession is because others that are seeing those messages rendered correctly are responding.

We’ve added a supporting font file that will allow these characters to render correctly in the patch releasing tomorrow. Please be aware that these are other players enjoying conversation around the game as well and are not meant as malicious spamming in chat. We fully understand that seeing multiple languages in the same global chat, even when rendered correctly, is not ideal and will be addressing this in the future. In the mean time please follow our code of conduct and treat others courteously. Apologies and thanks for your understanding.

22 days ago - KissingAiur - Direct link

Hey guys, I am closing this thread because I feel like it is no longer constructive. I want to say that we hear you, we understand your frustration and are looking into situations to make chat a positive experience for everyone. That being said, you see any toxic behavior in chat that goes against our ToS, please submit a support ticket and we will take action accordingly.

Thank you.