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Supporter Packs (Pets, Cosmetic Points, etc.) have been bugged since we released Patch 0.8.1e on Saturday.

You can find its patch notes here, and we’ll be providing updates on the situation here. You can get to the latter page by going to https://support.lastepoch.com/ and clicking on the link in our banner notification.

Apologies. for the inconvenience.
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Pets, Social Features, Account Linking Are Unavailable in Patch 0.8.1e - Last Epoch Support Hub
Pets, social features, and account linking are not available in Patch 0.8.1e, which was released on March 27th to mitigate server-side issues we were experienci

Beta 0.8.1e Patch Notes
Changes Temporarily disabled social features. Fixed Gaspar’s Insight having two Void Resistance affixes instead of one Void Resistance and one Cold Resistance affix. Fixed a minor graphical issue in Risen Lake.