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18 Aug


Originally posted by Croq360

Thanks for checking. I added a "suggestion" as an edit to my post, but it may not have been there when you went to reply. Didn't want you to miss that as I think it'd be helpful as the migration away from Flash gets closer.

Yeah, we'll be posting an announcement about linking in game as well, once we've heard from the relevant platforms.


Originally posted by BazzTurd


In regards to dungeons.

I believe it was mentioned that it was primary for people in endgame, what is endgame for you e14, e16 or more?

And how many do you expect to reach level 25 dungeon in the alloted time?

How many have reached it by now, and how is the spread down the dungeon levels in regards to number of players?

Will we perhaps see another nerf to the dungeon in season 1, since you already nerfed it once?

We saw with the dungoen release here, and have seen it before, that CNE seem to put in things that give the players alot and then nerf it for the worse from a player perspective, is that deliberate?

Why not do it the other way around, release it on the harder side, and then nerf it easier, will make it better for the players I think, and you would not aggrevate the players that much.

Also, why release/nerf things before a weekend/prolonged weekend or holliday, that way you cant react to things if pr...

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Hi Bazzturd,

Endgame would probably be the players who were hitting the e1100 cap on normal free plays pretty regularly.

A fair number of players have already reached level 25, and more are on track to hit it as the season comes closer to ending.

We aren't planning any further changes to the Dungeons for season 1.


Originally posted by ROKH777

Hi Erika,

Thanks for the chests. I'm a moderately new player (started during Hermit event). Could you please consider significantly lowering the cool-downs for crusaders and epic recipe missions? At the current rate of mission cooldowns, it will take me over 3 years to collect all new and missing epic recipes without blowing challenge coins on them. I have a decent enough roster that I have plenty of bench crusaders sitting around doing nothing, and I'd love this small catch-up mechanism that should only impact new and mid-tier players.

The starter packs were a great idea, and I've taken advantage of them, but help chasing down Mindy's hat and Imani's belt would be great.

Hi Rokh777,

You're welcome for the chests.

The recipes are more meant to be a secondary source to getting gear for Crusaders, with the primary source being the event chests and weekend promo chests, and then their specific gear mission itself, when those are available.

I'll note down the request for the increase in recipe rates though.


Originally posted by _umdos

Hi Erika,
you want to keep the percentage gain of total idols on dungeon bonus for next season?
Cause Players idol counts will spread way more then, making it harder to implement reasonable new talents for most players
Wouldn't it be better to have a more linear idol gain for Dungeon Idol Bonus? like:
A percentage of best Bonus Idol drop on FP \ Challenge Tokens earned* from last week?
Additionally you could boost that percentage by a small amount for every 1k/5k dungeon areas reached.
So there would be more variation on objectives to get best idol gain.

-Or you just raise the FP cap by e600+ DPS on next Talents update ..Do ya?!

Hi umdos,

We aren't planning further changes to the idol bonus from the Dungeons at this time, but we'll note the suggestion.


Originally posted by gordond

The Phoenix objective From the Ashes seems way way WAY harder than it should be - like I've taken suggestions from so many people and have failed it -- for a tier 3 objective, it's impressive how awfully hard it is. It's harder than many tier 4 objectives that I have done and in events tier 5 objectives.

At this point I've done nearly every single other tier 4 objective. The furthest I've gotten in From The Ashes is 1324 which just seems laughably poor. I've even done it with Morrigan and I still seem to hit a wall. I'm not sure I even have a point other than... sigh. Sorry. It has been a struggle. 2.23e8 idols, for what it's worth.

We did mean for From the Ashes to be tricky to complete.

Though Morrigan did make it easier for players, and yeah, there's the RoboRabbit strategy.

It's more about Legendary items for beating it than Idols, though having levels in the Talents that increase the maximum level of the Crusaders does help in addition to the Crusader tricks.


Originally posted by VerbingWeirdsLang

Thank you for the chests!

It's probably been suggested before for ideas for Tier 6 talents, but I was thinking maybe a talent that gives a chance to complete a mission instantly?

One month left for Dungeons. Where did the time go...?

Perhaps this has also been asked before but for the next season of Dungeons will we be getting new maps and formations? And will we get to keep our level? (Because I am nowhere near hitting level 25 and I won't be able to given the time limit.)

You're welcome for the chests.

I don't believe a percent chance of completing a mission instantly on starting it has been requested as a Talent before, just more talents for speeding up mission timers, and the idea of spending rubies to complete a mission if you need the Crusaders back. I'll add it to our Talent list to consider.

Yeah, time is flying by for sure.

There are a couple of formations that players would like to see changed out, so we'll do our best to do that.

As per the Dungeon/Season FAQ in the game, no, your progress towards the season pass will be reset with the start of Season 2.


Originally posted by DandyMike

Hi Erika, thanks for the chests!

Wanted to ask if it was possible to change recruit missions so that they don’t offer crusaders from the next event? I just spent days waiting for my mission to expire because it was for an event crusader right before the event started :( maybe if you get the crusader while you have their recruit mission available the mission automatically switches straight away to a different crusader?

Hope you’re safe.

Hi DandyMike,

You're welcome for the chests.

The recruit missions showing up just before the event has come up before. I think it's something that could be possible, since we have the start dates for the events for the next year of events, it just hasn't been a priority over other quality of life items or bug fixes.

I'll note that it's been requested again. :)


Originally posted by Sarali1533

Hi there! Any chance we could get some pictures of the crusaders from different angles somewhere on the website? Like a gallery or something? I'm trying to get the right colours for the different colourings, but the research is quite tough since the pictures or the characters on the game are pretty small, and they generally don't show much :'(

Hi Sarali,

I can ask Kat about how hard that would be.

We do have pictures of all the event Crusaders in all the event blogs already, and I believe Exterminator through Agent 79 are highlighted in the relevant 11th objective blogs as well, though that would take a bit of searching.


Originally posted by DoctorNovakaine

Hi, Erika. I had a talent idea. Feel free to call it crazy if it is:

-Support Crusaders in the same bench seat as active crusaders contribute X% of their DPS-boosting formation abilities to the formation.

This would only affect abilities that specifically boost DPS (so not Gold Find or other abilities), would not be mimicked or propagated, and positional or tag-based abilities would use the layout of the current formation to determine their effect. It would also exclude equipment. Abilities that stack multiplicatively would have the % applied to the stack value, not the total. I imagine X would end up being no greater than 10% at max level.

I specify Support Crusaders because I think stacking the abilities of DPS Crusaders would get over-the-top. (Jiao and Morrigan would, uh, be a bit nuts as a combo, even at 10% effectiveness.)

It occurs to me that this might not even be mechanically feasible, but I thought it was an interesting idea.

Hi DoctorNovakaine,

It feels a bit crazy, if only because some bench seats have more Support tagged Crusaders than others, and so then those might end up being the Crusaders to use in formation, depending on the bonus you ended up getting from them with the Talent in play.

It would be a way to take advantage of all the benched Crusaders we got going on though. Hmm...I'll note down it's been suggested. :)


Originally posted by Croq360

Hey Erika, hope you guys are staying safe!

Had a question regarding the Steam version of the game. In Kongregate, you have the ability to reload just the game portion of the screen without losing chat or the rest of your window (right click on the brown bar at the bottom and reload frame). Is there some way to do the same type of thing in the Steam version? If not, is that something that could happen in the future?

Also, a suggestion. Not everyone reads these Reddit posts nor do they watch the streams (shocking, I know :) ). As the death day for Flash gets closer, you might consider having a periodic pop-up in the game reminding people that the Flash version is going away and a link to give them instructions on how to link to Steam (or your standalone program). Preferably, if such pop-up could suppressed for Steam users, it'd probably be best.

Hi Croq360,

We're doing well, thank you! I hope you are too.

I believe that is because of playing the game in the browser, but I'll ask Kevin if that's something that the Adobe Air version would support.


Originally posted by staryteresy

Hi Erika,

Could you do something with spam like this:

I lovе it when strаngers sее mе naked. Dо you want to sее my nudеs? It's оn sitе - ... etc?

Best regards, Piotr

Hi Piotr,

We at CNE don't have moderator power over the Kongregate chats, so everyone should just be using the Report feature and muting the spammer, until Kongregate can get around to dealing with the delinquents.


Originally posted by asric

Will the MacOS app be upgraded to run in Catalina by the cut-off? Currently, I run the game on Kong with Firefox...

The Steam MacOS version should be Catalina compatible already, since we did the 64-bit build in October 2019 as Steam required.

Are you unable to run it?

We'll also make the CNE launcher Catalina compatible as well.

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