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27 Jun


Originally posted by SeniorSatisfaction21

By the way it only happens in official servers

We would require a bit more information. Which server? which region? Duration? Playercount? Thank you.


Originally posted by sillysalmonsamurai

FAQ #3 had me wondering:

Would we ever see in-game chat or VOIP for Mordhau in the future? I think it would lead to more immersive gameplay (similar to what's happening with BattleBit Remastered right now)

A topic likely discussed since the inception of Mordhau. If we could snap our finger and magically implement proximity VOIP, we would probably do so. There are some reservations in regards to moderation and optics with it.

Have you ever noticed that the sounds in Mordhau have no verticality? The implementation of such a feature is a deceptively tricky endeavor that would require substantial work, and the impact is questionable. The feature is not out of the question, but is also not high on the list of topics discussed at the moment.


A common misconception: There will be no cross-play between the consoles and PC players at launch, but there is a possibility of having it further down the line.

The post below has a FAQ section relevant to this topic.


Originally posted by OfTheLethani

Thanks u/Titan_TT, It was indeed that region I had in mind for my comment and I know that there have been changes made in region for hosting providers.

I have still had intermittent issues in US West even after the provider change in Leda servers (though admittedly not as frequent) and testing with WinMTU tooling to these IPs show that the PacketLoss I am experiencing is not along the route at all and was likely the server itself not handling the connections for all players.

I don't want to turn this announcement thread into a troubleshooting thread, but some regions (US WEST in particular) have had serious issues and a console release with the same server providers may lead to a bad user experience in those regions

No problem, the topic is still semi-related. As you have stated it comes down to some server not actually handling the load. But the issue is also the number of hops to reach servers in the US-West region, that is down to the infrastructure and not the server providers or developers. Leda is a state of the art server and has the best hardware on the market so we are still a bit surprised that it struggles on a full server, having the console servers locked at 30 ticks diminishes the load on them significantly and paired with consoles being standardized further helps with disparities encountered with PC users. We are confident that the consoles users will not encounter such issues. (provided there are enough servers to carry the player load(this was a disclaimer:)))


Originally posted by OfTheLethani

Is the server architecture going to be different or are the Official Server hosting providers going to be the same as the PC version?

Mostly asking this because my region has had some problems with official servers over the last few months and I worry the same issues may be present in console release if same hosting providers are used again

Console servers will be a combination of new providers and some old ones, but console server tick rate is set to 30 due to Xbox one and PS4 performance issues so that will fix the server-side lag.

You have not specified the region you are playing in so if by chance you play on the US-W where there is a known packet loss issue try the "Leda" servers to see if the issue still persists.


Originally posted by OfTheLethani

I agree on the support for mods, ModIO is fully supported across platforms including consoles and PC as far as they advertise so lack of mod support seems deliberate here :(

There are a lot of good maps and modes that the modding community makes and I would really like to see some form of support for this down the line

Altough ModIO claims to support it, there are a lot of uncertainties with what they actually support; the implementation, data limits, handling different versions..

The second point of contention is giving access to server files for consoles; to my understanding those are more delicate and we do not want to give the access to potential malicious members.

The community support is not completely out of the question, but was not implemented at the start of the Console Launch and is at the moment not planned to be implemented.


Originally posted by ImDavidXD

Its a shame that i wont be able to play with a few console buddies i have but i understand this crossplay restriction how ever, But could we see pc and console crossplay only on invite? For example if i invite my friend in pc and they are on console then the PC and console crossplay gets activated.

At that point we would just allow PC-Console crossplay, limiting it to individuals based on people in a group introduces even more technical challenges.


Hello everyone! We are happy to finally announce the launch of Mordhau on consoles!

The game can be preordered from June 28th onward on all relevant platforms and goes live on July 12th!

Some quick FAQ answers for you, concerning the Console Version:

Q: Will the game be cross-platform?

A: The game will have cross-platform between all the supported consoles, but not with the PC versions. Future changes can be put under consideration depending on playercount and how the game will be received on consoles.

Q: Will you be able to rebind the controller keys?

A: Yes, the controller scheme is rebindable.

Q: Is there an in-game chat?

A: No, the only chat available is the respective console chat via the friendslist.

Q: Is there Mouse &...

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16 Jun


Was banned shortly after posting. This is a good example of evidence used to report cheaters - the PlayfabID is shown as part of the unedited video, showing cheating. You can either send any evidence via the "Message the Mods" button on this subreddit or via the Modmail bot on the official Discord channel. Cheers.


Originally posted by shrugshroom

Honest question, why would anyone want to share accounts? Like, it's Mordhau. Smurfing isn't really a thing here.

Tournament match fixing, competitive team-draft fixing, cheating on an "already tarnished" account, lending the account to friends in good faith not realizing the implications(family share is a thing I guess some are not aware of). Those are the common ones at the top of my head, but there are more.


Hello everyone!

In light of a significant increase in the number of reports, inquiries, and opened appeal tickets concerning account sharing, we wish to emphasize that sharing your Steam or Epic Games accounts is strictly prohibited, as explicitly mentioned in their respective Terms of Service.

For more details, please refer to the following sources:

Steam Subscriber Agreement: Section 1-C, available at ...

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02 Jun


Hello everyone! We are rolling out the second hotfix to add the removed MOTD which we had to do to address a core security issue in the past. You can find the whole changelog below. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Patch #27 - Hotfix 2 Changelog 02/06/2023


  • Re-enabled the suicide functionality in the FFA and TDM Brawl modes.
  • Added a new Message of the day (MOTD) system that replaces the old system that was hastily removed with a silent hotfix to address a reported RCE exploit.
  • Addressed the ability to spam voice lines in rapid succession before they finish playing.

Party system

  • Improved user experience and stability of the party system.
  • Added the functionality to auto-join ranked matchmaking from unranked matches.
  • addressed the disappearing “+” icon.
  • added smooth-scroll to the Friends list.


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25 May


Originally posted by Bahlsen63

Europe. When I say slow it's a good thing, animations are normal now, I can finally play after years of desiring it.

OH! Haha, ok well then I am glad your situation improved!


Originally posted by Bahlsen63

I just want to say, after years of fantasizing it, I finally have a fiber connection. I just couldn't play at all with weird ping where all animations felt accelerated, I couldn't keep up. Played some Mordhau yesterday and everyone was slow af in comparison.

Hi, are you perhaps on US West? If that is the case that region has some serious routing problems that are being looked at by the ISPs and our server providers.

08 May


Hello, the servers have been restarted this morning. Please let us know if the issue persists. Cheers.

06 May


We have pushed a hotfix removing the MOTD capabilities of community servers to remove the major safety risk. The build is live and you can download it. I will be closing this thread now. Thank you.

05 May


Hello Mordhau players, new and old! We have prepared a weekend event for you! All the Gold and Experience points gained in the game will be doubled! If you are one of the newer players that joined our community with the launch of Mordhau on the Epic platform, or one of the old guard still missing some of those vanity helms do not miss this opportunity to grind out some epic swag this weekend! The event starts now and will be going on until Monday! Bring your friends to the fray and split some skulls along the way!

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03 Apr


Hello, thank you for reporting it. Does it actually replace the intended weapon or was the halberd added when the match starts? In any case kills with such weapons will not count towards progression, so it is a minor issue. I will inform the team regardless.

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