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22 Nov


Hello. This can be considered public shaming or witch hunting and is in poor taste, and is just tangentally relevant to Mordhau. Better to not give such individuals a platform, an audience and a sense of validation all at once. Post removed. Take care.

21 Nov


Originally posted by Paulycurveball

So how do you deal with people going rouge in a sever with no FFA

Apart from the haiku lesson, I fail to see the problem. Votekick remains in all non-FFA modes an also remains on the Duelyard servers


Hello! We are happy to release the first console patch, that aims to equate the content available across all platforms and fixes some bug fixes. As always, feedback is appreciated! The full changelog is provided below. Take care!

Console Patch 1 - Changelog 21/11/2023


  • Disabled vote kick on Deathmatch (FFA) and SwordGame (SG) servers
  • Fixed a crash when switching Voices on Female
  • Server rules revision to add clarity


  • Added Arid map
  • Added Dungeon map
  • Added Totenwald map
  • Adjusted noble out of bounds(OOB) area on Feitoria
  • Added rain effect on Cortile
  • Added various anti-toolbox areas to maps to limit griefing/cheesing of objectives


  • Added Archduke DLC set, including the Archduke Polehammer
  • Added Joust set, including Jousting Awl Pike Partisan...
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17 Nov


Originally posted by Vezein

Ok I have 15 minutes of it. I know his name. He's Xbox and I'm PS though. So unsure how to get his ID number.

For consoles that is enough, as the names tend to be unique. Open a modmail ticket on the official Discord and send us a link to the footage.

10 Nov


Originally posted by Pineappleonpizza3333

Worse shit take i've ever seen lol

you can't use that excuse when half of the admins have been caught giving people blunderbusses and 1411ing people they don't like on cam lmao

They were allowed to give the blunderbuss during the halloween event. That was toned down significantly now.

On to the point about them allegedly abusing the 1411. The videos usually show the moment a player gets shot, and no real context is given. When we examine logs we find that the admin gave ample warnings to the player and was breaking some rule. The 1411 is meant to be used as a warning system and to snipe out of bounds banners or ballista.

Full disclosure: mods had a tendency to shoot one another in the past without having the moderator tag visible, which lead to some interesting "mod abuse" clips where it was just mods shooting other mods. That was toned down as well.


Originally posted by Pineappleonpizza3333

admins ban people for tking their own friends but get away with tking with a 1411? get stuffed

The 1411 is an admin tool, if a player does not heed a moderators warning, they can use it to get a players attention. If getting shot does not get their attention and the player continues their behavior then a temporary kick or even ban may follow, depending on the severity of the offence.

In this specific case, the engineer turtling reached a point where no action the attacking team could do would suffice to break the door down. The moderator issued warnings while this was going on and acted only in the last minutes to break the stalemate.

Overzealous door repairing that makes it impossible to destroy it no matter the actions taken is considered exploitation of a bug and will be moderated until a patch is released. The engineers did not receive any punishment, it was just the number of them that reached a critical mass.

Every moderation action is also logged and can be viewed by other moderators and developers to be reviewed.


The Church doors can be constantly repaired. This was not intended and is an oversight. The ability to repair the door will be removed completely.

OPs team put banners and multiple engineers constantly repairing the door inside the church and made the Church unbreachable. This stalemate was kept for a long time. At the time that the moderator took action there was 1 minute and 30 seconds left on the timer, the moderator spawned inside the church and could not destroy the door, so after the warnings he thinned out the engineers. The attackers did manage to take the point but OPs team won the match on the next objective.

Whoever spawned inside the church via the banners could not leave; technically that also makes it banner griefing.

People in the match were complainin about the stalemate, and were thankful about the resolution.

The people that complained were the engineers.

09 Nov


Hello. I will keep this thread visible as no one was named yet, but will close comments. Such cases should not be appealed publicly as it quickly can lead to the mentioned witchhunting.

Please feel free to appeal the mute either via the Modmail bot on the official Discord server (, via the "Message a Mod" on this subreddit or via the [[email protected]](mailto:...

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25 Oct


Hi. I'd suggest you reach out to the tech-support forum on the official Discord server.
Direct link to the channel:

23 Oct



..Did I spook ya?

The Halloween event 2023 has begun!! The double XP and Gold rewards will continue on!!

The event will run from today, 23rd of October till the 5th of November, where you can use the "Shame Mask", and if you log in and get the "Executioner's Hood" it will be permanently unlocked on your account!! They can be found under the medium-armored and light-armored headgear tabs respectively. Get it while it lasts!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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This. I liked this. May I have another one, please.

20 Oct


Good news everyone! Double XP and Gold rates across ALL platforms for the Weekend! Topple that off with a 50% discount over on the Steam Store for MORDHAU and we have a good combo to celebrate the Patch #28 and Totenwald! The boost and sale is active now and will be running until the 23rd! We'll see you on the battlefield! Happy clashing!

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Hi. The missing maps and the new map Totenwald will be coming to console in the future. It is now the priority but no ETA on it yet. We are currently optimizing Totenwald to improve its performance on consoles overall, that improvement will affect all platforms including PC.

18 Oct


Hi, video drivers up to date? I'd suggest hopping over to the Discord server and checking the tech support section.


Originally posted by Express_Adeptness_59

For some reason i didnt have an access to use arms from this set. All but no arms.

Hi, if this issue persists could you reach out to us either via the Discord modmail system or the "contact a moderator" button on this subreddit and provide your playfab so we can look into it. Thanks.

17 Oct


Originally posted by femboy-layer56555

The dev ran out of drugs let's gooo

This is for console to right

This patch is for PC only. The missing maps and the content of the patch #28 will be included in the Console release with a console-specific patch. The Console patch has priority now, but no ETA on it.


Originally posted by a_fucking_lemur

how am i ment to votekick annoying bow users and people who just yell racial slurs

Votekicking someone solely because they use bows is not a justifiable reason and will land you in trouble. Chat abuse is to be reported to the moderation team. (do not forget to use the playerlist command to show the players PlayfabID and that it is an official server)


Originally posted by mykl5

as a frequent Brawl player, why tf did they get rid of votekick

The votekick was heavily abused in those modes to kick the top-scoring player, since they are score-based modes. Some wanted to duel in the FFA servers and issued vote-kicks when someone did not comply; that landed them later in trouble.