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03 Apr


Hello, I hope the issue was resolved with a game restart. If that was not the case please join the official discord channel and open a tech support ticket there.

30 Mar


Hello. The suicide removal was on the whole Brawler group as that is just how the action was coded and the community servers were affected. We are working on separating it and disabling suicide in the Swordgame only and returning it to the other modes. Cheers


Originally posted by Counterflak

Disabled Suicide option in FFA, TDM and Swordgame to prevent kill denial

I hope this is a server side setting or its going to suck when you get stuck on some of the custom severs I've been on.

It was on the whole Brawler group and the community servers were affected. We are working on separating it and disabling suicide in the Swordgame only and returning it to the other mode.


Originally posted by Me_Like_Cats

Can't update

We are aware, Steam issues, looking into it.


Hello everyone! We are rolling out a hotfix. You can also read the change logs here!

Patch #27 - Hotfix 1 Changelog 30/03/2023


  • Female French and German voices are now working as intended


  • Disabled Suicide option ...
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Hello, this is the pommel that you click on, it is the emote that a bot checks to then give you permissions.

29 Mar


Originally posted by greciaman

Anyone having troubles with the new female voices (french and german)? Somehow they work for me in singleplayer against bots but not in online games, lol

Hi, that is a known issue yes, and will be patched in the hotfix. Cheers.


Originally posted by NorthernDeer29

Thank you.

After spending some time in the game found out new details: new free female voices are not working at all.

Others (old and new ones from DLC) can be used if player exits character customisation screen by clicking "back" in menu and not, for example, pressing "Esc" on keyboard

Yep, all customization does not save if you use escape instead of back, not only voices - will be fixed, and also the two new voices not working. Cheers.


Hi, the voices not working is a known issue yes. It will be patched in the upcoming hotfix!


He likes you, look at those longing eyes.


Hi, this will be patched in the upcoming hotfix. Thank you for letting us know.


Originally posted by TotalImagination4408

I dont get it, why add a Feature to change the most easiest thing in the game, when the PlayerList command has been bugged for some people for so long? They could have easily put a Button to access the PlayerList command there, but they instead decided to make it change the Camera Perspective, which even has its own button on the Keyboard (P) already. Why???

As stated elsewhere it is a feature for controller users and yes, people use the controller to play the game on PC.


Originally posted by NorthernDeer29

Female voices stopped working except for "Cruel". Fix the game please EDIT: or is the only working voice "Noble"? Not sure, didn't play with it before

The voice issues are now known and should be patched in the hotfix.


Originally posted by webodessa

After the release, a bug in the server select UI prevents seeing the number of players on the 16:10 screen resolution. screenshot:\_Shot\_2023-03-28\_at\_10.33.26\_AM.png

Thank you, reported.


Originally posted by Blankyjae33

I dislike the complete removal of the old crude set as opposed to the new set being in addition.

I feel the new horde respawn times don’t fit the fast pace of the mode.

The horde UI in the main menu is broken kinda.

The search bar doesn’t work for horde in the main menu.

Switching armor tiers to customize resets the one you switched from, forcing you to redo it. You can bypass this by exiting out of the customization menu and going back in, annoying, but surely fixable.

Really nice voice lines, at least the ones that work right are. The fem French and German lines don’t seem to work online.

I really enjoy the new content though, and I hope Triternion will tweak and iron out the stuff from this new patch.

-The old set was just not up to standards compared to the rest of the sets and it was decided to do a complete rework.

-The horde respawn timer will be changed in an upcoming hotfix; the timing proposed was 60/15 - an overall still longer respawn timer compared to the old one, but a longer revive window.

- Not sure I can see what you are referring to in regards to the broken UI. Care to share a screenshot?

-Search not working was reported, as well as the issues in the armory.

Thank you!


Originally posted by Ever_Faithful

Voicelines are bugged for me. Despite switching to French Female voicelines, my mercenary still uses Noble

Hello, a known issue that is being worked on to be hotfixed.

28 Mar


Originally posted by Milk-_-Man

So, hold on, is the old crude armor set completely gone? Like are the old crude chausses replaced with a different model or are they still there, just with the addition of the new crude set? It would be sad if the old crude set was completely gone since I really loved the crude pants, along with the crude sabatons they looked really good. I'm asking here since its downloading slower than a damn slug, because for some reason whenever Mordhau updates it never goes over 5mb/s download and like 2.5 mb/s install speed for me

The old assets were replaced.


Originally posted by Quardener

You increased the horde respawn time to 90s? For why? You may as well disable it. The vast majority of levels will be done before you respawn.

Nobody asked for this.

Not sure myself but this topic went back under revision.


Originally posted by GermanPlasma

So is this the gamemode with the new combat behavior that was teased before?

No it is not. The "Arcade" mode went back into development.

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