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29 Mar


Originally posted by Blankyjae33

I dislike the complete removal of the old crude set as opposed to the new set being in addition.

I feel the new horde respawn times don’t fit the fast pace of the mode.

The horde UI in the main menu is broken kinda.

The search bar doesn’t work for horde in the main menu.

Switching armor tiers to customize resets the one you switched from, forcing you to redo it. You can bypass this by exiting out of the customization menu and going back in, annoying, but surely fixable.

Really nice voice lines, at least the ones that work right are. The fem French and German lines don’t seem to work online.

I really enjoy the new content though, and I hope Triternion will tweak and iron out the stuff from this new patch.

-The old set was just not up to standards compared to the rest of the sets and it was decided to do a complete rework.

-The horde respawn timer will be changed in an upcoming hotfix; the timing proposed was 60/15 - an overall still longer respawn timer compared to the old one, but a longer revive window.

- Not sure I can see what you are referring to in regards to the broken UI. Care to share a screenshot?

-Search not working was reported, as well as the issues in the armory.

Thank you!


Originally posted by Ever_Faithful

Voicelines are bugged for me. Despite switching to French Female voicelines, my mercenary still uses Noble

Hello, a known issue that is being worked on to be hotfixed.

28 Mar


Originally posted by Milk-_-Man

So, hold on, is the old crude armor set completely gone? Like are the old crude chausses replaced with a different model or are they still there, just with the addition of the new crude set? It would be sad if the old crude set was completely gone since I really loved the crude pants, along with the crude sabatons they looked really good. I'm asking here since its downloading slower than a damn slug, because for some reason whenever Mordhau updates it never goes over 5mb/s download and like 2.5 mb/s install speed for me

The old assets were replaced.


Originally posted by Quardener

You increased the horde respawn time to 90s? For why? You may as well disable it. The vast majority of levels will be done before you respawn.

Nobody asked for this.

Not sure myself but this topic went back under revision.


Originally posted by GermanPlasma

So is this the gamemode with the new combat behavior that was teased before?

No it is not. The "Arcade" mode went back into development.


Originally posted by AwkwardSky7072

why not mario voice for male

You could make something close to it I bet.


Hello! Patch #27 Is here! New Game mode, new Voice packs, new cosmetics and more! Check the change logs for more!

External link →

24 Mar


Originally posted by tensed_wolfie

To anyone reading this: Patchie maybe next month hence why no updates, ps, don’t quote me on it.


24 Feb


Originally posted by Arkelutious-Corem

The core mechanic is looting dead players and dead mobs and keeping those loots if you make it out alive. You can then bring those loot to the next game and get a head start, but if you lose them they are gone. Beginning classes start with some basic loots though.

The core characteristics of the combat can be really simple, and the dark and darker combat currently is really just 2 guys swinging axe until one of them drop, so with the existing chambers and ripostes and kick, Mordhau is already light years ahead of the development (Dark and Darker is made by a former Triternion employee after all). Held block is a thing, so dragging is a no go, but the held-block hit box needs to be a lot stricter so swings can still hit players blocking if their shield or weapon aren’t properly in the direction of the attack.

Hit to Kill is increased, and heavy penalty for missing swings, walk speed is decreased and there is no chase mechanic, allowing players to run away from engage...

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I've looked into Dark and Darker a bit more and with your explanation it makes for some compelling points. Not sure if this would constitute a bit of a bigger job than what the team envisioned since there are a lot of mechanics that would still have to be implemented from scratch. I'll keep this one in mind.


Originally posted by RocvaurOfDarkCrystal

Maybe Arcade Mode could have perks akin to the reworked Horde mode or maybe "unique" weapons and power -ups? or something to make it more individualistic from standard Mordhau.

A different set of perks with some mechanical changes could be interesting, not sure about the difficulty of implementation. When it comes to new or wacky weapons the issue is always the same; either the community will want the weapon in all the other mods, it does not fit aesthetically/mechanically or it would be best implemented as a skin. The approach taken tries to arrange the existing building blocks already there in a new configuration to get a different gaming experience. If the mode is to similar to the existing one what would be the point.

20 Feb


Originally posted by Arkelutious-Corem

I still don’t understand why Dark and Darker inspired mode isn’t in development. If the arcade game mode is already designed with a dumbed down combat, wouldn’t that be perfect since Mordhau is already much more polished than Dark and Darker, and it could really revive the game like what BR did to Fortnite.

To keep the ball rolling, what would you say are the core characteristics of such a mode? Are there things that Mordhau could offer on top of it or improve? I am not well versed in Dark and Darker so I am looking for some concrete inputs. Thank you in advance.


Originally posted by Joe6pcK_

Fix the ragdoll hitboxes. Currently, whenever someone falls onto the ground in ragdoll there is a huge invisible wall by their feet, and you have to run around to their head to hit them, especially if your weapon is short. It would be much better if there was just no invisible wall there whatsoever.

Thank you for the input. I am unsure if the issue was mentioned before so I will add it to the list and present it to the team. I'll keep you informed when I get a response.


Originally posted by TesticleTorture123

You know what time it is.


Also please make the devs do something. Having feedback but not using it is a little wrong.


The last discussion thread was a big influence and was heavily referenced when having the debate about the Arcade mode so your feedback does have an impact. The smaller issues are also gathered and presented to the team to discuss further at the meetings. Sometimes one loses track of them and to the community it might appear that we did not listen if there is no proper feedback from our end. We are working on rectifying that. Thank you.


Originally posted by stash375

swordgame should start with best weapons and work down to worst, randomness might actually be bad tbh


Originally posted by Bodisious

If any other comment gets responded too in this post please respond to SoomRK. He and other modders have worked hard to keep this community alive and interesting.

I am not a modder myself, just a player who wants to see this game keep going as long as it can; but it needs support from its developers to continue to succeed. Many of us have bought dlc or even another copy of the game to support the developers, but many of us are losing hope that community feedback means anything anymore.

I have put well over 1000 hours into this game and hope to put in many more. There are communities banding together to keep the game alive and fun like duel servers or clans like CK doing events but many of these servers rely on mods and mod support to keep providing their fun changes to the community.

So please, even if all you say is, "give us another 6 months" just tell us one way or the other if you will keep supporting this community of players.

Thank you for the heartfelt response. I feel the same way. A healthy and thriving modding community prolongs the longevity of any game so I will try to push the SDK support to the forefront where applicable.


Originally posted by SpanishAvenger

I am very sad to read those news on the Arcade mode. I was heavily looking forward to it... :(

The Arcade mode is not really gone but is being polished and we will try to make it a new game mode with its own spin and added value.


Originally posted by SoomRK

Is there a time frame on when we will see the SDK fixed? Going on 13 months for linux users now.

Edit: Some clarifying as requested by fellow modders.

Tuesday December 2021- Patch 24 is released with update to SDK containing linux binaries as well.

December 22nd and 29th 2021, hotfix 1&2 for patch 24 is released, no update to the SDK. (This contained many path and value changes for horde and was inaccurate in the SDK for 9 months, very unfriendly to modders especially new ones)

Thu June 23rd, Mon 27th, Tue 5th of July; 2022. - Patch 25 and various hotfixes released, no update for SDK (nearly 7 months now). These patches contained Arid and the entire armory rework, causing the SDK to be nearly incompatible to mod with as far as 'main menu' HUD changes go. This is when we were told that Battlefield had quit (nearly 6 months prior) and that the SDK was not going to be updated.

Thur 27th and Fri 28th of October 2022, Patch 26 is released, SDK ...

Read more

Thank you for the concise recap, I was not aware of the time frames on the issue.
After asking around I was told that at least the Linux binaries were taken care of and an update should be published quite soon.
When talking about the SDK support in general it is my impression that the ports took precedence, will try to bring it to the forefront in the future as I believe a healthy modding community improves the longevity of any game.


Originally posted by Beneficial_Copy_4444

Please fix the lion toes clipping with most leg armor, just tighten/shorten the chain around the ankles so it doesn't clip through, $5 cosmetics shouldn't clip with almost every other armor piece

Also fix the maximilian cuirass without faulds clipping with its skirt, there's literally only one waist option for it and that waist option only goes with that armor and it still somehow was not made to not clip

Also, I liked arcade mode, please keep the idea and add it, don't listen to sweats who are mad at the idea of people having fun in the game without spending 12 hours a day studying animation exploits, they don't care about "splitting the playerbase" they just don't want the casual players they're used to stomping to leave their servers and leave them with only other sweats to fight

Thank you for bringing the clipping issues to our attention, will pass them to the team.

In regards to the Arcade mode thank you for the encouraging words. The mode was not abandoned but it will most likely be a completely new game mode with added value. As stated that is still being brainstormed.


Originally posted by Sanujan_

Why would you think that? We play a lot and can tell you random is pointless and will lead to unfair advantages when half the lobby gets polearms. Just generate lists of weapons so the matches have different but consistent progression throughout the match. This mode is DOA to all but like 10 lvl 200s and noobs if it’s left to RNG

It is not as if every player gets a random weapon every time, but the progression list that is the same for every player on a given match could be semi randomized at the start to give some variety. So to reiterate; every player in a match has the same progression of weapons, the method of deciding the weapon list is what we are debating here. Be it a set list (the carbon copy of the gun-game mode), a random pick from a number of set lists, or the weapon list could be semi randomized within a tier list. It is a minor difference at the end of the day that might give some variety to the mode. I hope I was able to make it sufficiently clear. Thank you.

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