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Oshur is receiving some changes alongside the Construction update, which should time out around April with our current pace. You should all start seeing some playable Construction material later this month.

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Originally posted by Nukhraya

Not sure if you can give us any information on this, but /u/alapidis, how far off do you think we can expect a PTS test on this? Considering the WIPs we have seen so far I believe we are still quite a bit off?

Sorry, I don't have any info on dates I can give out.


Originally posted by LorrMaster

Very nice. One thing that confuses me though are the gradual ramps. My designs usually go for fairly steep ramps in order to minimize the amount of room that they take up. Makes placement easier for both this and adjacent buildings.

Ramps need to be long enough to support the deep skirt of the structure (to allow for varying terrain heights on all sides). Stairs would have to lead out expanding the footprint but these ramps that run flush with the wall keep the footprint smaller but provide an access slope that works with a variety of elevations.


Originally posted by ALN-Isolator

Looking good! The only thing I would suggest would be editing the roof to have a one way shield so that air lock ons could be fired out (like the yellow roof shields on other types of spawn room)

The command center has that. This is a small pillbox for fast spawning but it design wants to add a roof shield I can easily. Let’s wait till we see all the new pieces together.


Originally posted by opshax

Any terminals included?

Not sure. That’s up to design. Still making all the new pieces for them to work with so we’ll see.


Originally posted by ThatChris9

Imagine a construction system where it’s almost like bits that snap together like that. Roads, paths, catwalks, buildings and so on

That’s harder for us to do given all the maps we’re made without construction in mind and have props scattered which impede placement. Those props are static in the map so we can’t remove them during runtime. Thus construct needs to be more Freeform to work in a greater variety of topography. But yeah a grid snapping system would be awesome. But also a heck of allot of work.


Originally posted by BOTBrad69

Looks good! My only concern is a visual clash with the command center - if possible, the command center's white exterior could get swapped for the darker set that all other construction assets seem to use?

I was given orders to make the command center look more modern and stand out while these were to look in line with the existing style of construction. But I did add more details cuz I can’t help myself.


Construction Spawn Room Work In Progress

This is in Blender so the in-game will be lit differently. Any aspect is subject to change but feel free to send feedback if some part of the design concerns you. Toy sundy for scale.

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We'll find the little feller.