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11 Feb


Originally posted by Raapnaap

Looks nice. Do not forget to slap on a bottom mesh so that in the event this thing is constructed over a ditch, players cannot look inside from below. :)

Will do.


Originally posted by EyoDab

Those shiny bars were see, are those 1/2 way shield? Or are they cosmetic only?

Which shiny bars? The windows? The windows are shielded yes.


Originally posted by M1kst3r1

Outside looking really good, but what's inside will determine if it's fun to defend and attack.

If we get more of these larger construction pieces, it will add a lot of variety that players can get creative with.

Are there thoughts on what construction items can be "attached" to the command center? For example, roof access from and to an infantry tower.

There is a spawn room in the tower with a vertical shaft to the roof antenna for fast defense from an elevated position as well as a spiral staircase down to the roof deck from the spawn room and a grab lift to the deck from the 2nd floor.


Originally posted by Aikarion

Is Blender the company-wide software choice or a personal choice?

All the 3D artists at rogue planet use it.


Hey guys, just thought I'd share a Work in Progress shot before I head out for the weekend. I don't wanna over-do it and you get sick of me, but I think it's looking pretty cool.

Just a note though, this lighting is in blender and not in-game which tends to be less dramatic/high contrast for game play reasons. Have a great weekend!

10 Feb

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Thank you everyone for your feedback! We appreciate all your thoughts! We're going to leave this thread open for further discussions at least until the next dev letter. Once again, thank you very much!

09 Feb


Originally posted by Ceskaz

Maybe add a panel on the platform just in front of the doorway so that vehicles can't spam inside

There is a fat pillar just inside the door to function as a line of sight blocker and to split attackers as well as provide more of a choke to keep vehicles out. Same with the garage. Support struts inside will act as a porous wall to prevent vehicles from getting in but let players pass.


Originally posted by LorrMaster

Here is my suggestion for the ramps. See that vehicle spawn area? That thing is going to have to be at ground level no matter what. So if you could have one of the entrances run along parallel to that, you could reduce the number of places that *have* to be above ground from 3 to 2.

Making the vehicle ramp steeper will also give more wiggle room during placement.

For the other entrance, you might want to consider having the ramp start a little bit inside the building to give you more height without changing the area of the building.

The vehicle ramp does start inside the building. It’s unseen in this shot but the ramp starts at the edge of the vehicle pad itself and the dark sides are more guide rails when exiting. The ramp extends down for a while to the skirt and is at a gentle grade.

08 Feb


Originally posted by SPH_NX

Does the building come with those vehicle pads pre-installed or are they snappable sockets where you need to drop the usual modules into?

Preinstalled currently.


Originally posted by ItzAlphaWolf

Would it be possible to add foundation blocks to help placement on uneven terrain as well?

I asked that too but it just recreates the same issue of needing to support a large depth difference on all sides of the structure foundation. And it wouldn't really solve it, since then one side would have a massive wall from the block face where the other side is close to the surface.

Keeping the footprint of the building tight, and building in access ramps to each doorway is really the ideal solution.

Ya want:

  1. Smaller footprint to require less unobstructed area.
  2. Tall skirt to support vastly different terrain height from all sides.
  3. Ramps to all doors perpendicular with doorway stairs to offer access at extreme height differences without expanding the footprint.

Originally posted by c0baltlightning

Another thing to do is to make another invisible ramp where the stairs are.

Old technique that not many games do nowdays.

All stairs are secretly ramps... you see any IK on those feet?


Originally posted by Longbow92

Comfy, although alittle offtopic, would there be a chance that the HIVE asset becomes repurpsed into a sort of hex-wide stategic building that gives buffs to your faction? Kinda like outfit modules, but in construction form.

That's up to design. We all pitched ideas, but there's allot of factors to take into account that "sound cool in my head" but when I discuss it with a real designer -- who understands the meta and game wide impact of every cool idea I have -- I am humbled by how complex and interdependent it all is.


Originally posted by redgroupclan

Great to see you posting a response to feedback! Thanks! It is a concern of mine of how this thing is going to get placed anywhere when even the hexes DESIGNED for construction bases don't have flat terrain.

There are control points at the base of contonstrction elements which define the low-high range of terrain that is acceptable for placement. With the long skirt below the foundation line, it should be very forgiving. And we're adding ramps like this to ensure if the terrain at the front is higher than the back there's still easy access.

I'm doing everything I can to keep the footprint small at the foundation, hence the overhanging design which was suggested by Wrel to offer more play space without demanding larger flat areas.


Originally posted by heshtegded

nice to see the containment site texture sheet and geometry being used elsewhere in the game

are the existing construction assets going to have a similar pass to extend their bases?

Hi, actually this isn't anything from the containment site, but the look does feel less boxy and cleaner like we saw in the site with more rounded elements. Whether the older props get a fresh coat of paint is mostly dependent how long getting the new stuff in will take and if we have time left to go back and touch up older models. But I'm game for it.


It was mentioned that the door ramp might be too short for uneven terrain. Wrel had similar feedback and so we added a split ramp to keep the footprint tight and avoid oddly extending the stairs. Hope this addresses your concerns.