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09 Mar

08 Mar

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The friend's list issue is resolved now. Should only need to restart your client, if it doesn't auto-populate.

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Updated the patch notes to reflect proper dates, Mar. 17 - 26.

07 Mar

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Originally posted by Im_A_MechanicalMan

I'm glad for bugfixes and directly addressing the server latency issues.

No event though? Not even double exp or anything?

You'll be seeing some double experience for all toward the end of March/beginning of April, among other things.

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Originally posted by IndiscriminateJust

This looks far more intricate and active than the current silo model. That thing is honestly rather plain as far as silos go, like it was meant to just house stuff forever and do nothing with it. But your work here, however, now this looks like a combination of storage and distribution, with all sorts of pipes and pumps to move cortium to where it needs to be. Far more like a working heart of an operation, which given the function of silos, is just how it should be. Very nice work, thanks for sharing!

Thanks! It’s a generator so I wanted to give it the quality that its pumping and processing.


Originally posted by HandsomeCharles

Ladders when?

We’re working our way up to it. I’ll see myself out. ……ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Originally posted by ZixfromthaStix

Ah yes, Cotrium, the OTHER ore Auraxis runs on

Please make my head explode, I can live without it: I don't aim anyways

Edit: is that a LADDER?!? How do we use THAT? E to climb lol

Ladder is just cosmetic due to OSHA compliance. Something about workplace accidents due to sniping while glued to a ladder. Please take it up with your local Nanite Systems Support Representative.


Originally posted by Hell_Diguner

I want to know who gets permission to dismantle structures placed at these bases, especially when they flip.

If everybody can, then we'll just have to teamkill all the griefers who will try to tear the base down to screw their faction over?

If nobody can, then now we have to friendly fire a wall that's in the way and get weapons lock?

And if the walls don't change faction, how do we know they won't disappear in a minute because the owner - on the enemy faction - placed a few new walls to despawn the old ones?

Great questions. I’m sure design will provide more information on the details of capture and ownership as we get closer to a PTS release.