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my isp provides me with 250m internet speed plus i have a good router and i use a wired connection when playing siege.
after all of that, i enter a ranked game then disconnect and i get banned because of the game's servers.
i need help asap because im losing elo and it's the game's fault.
24 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link

Thanks for reaching out to us and I am sorry to hear about the issue you ran into.

I've looked up however wasn't able to identify any outage nor degradation, and servers have been working as intended.

Could you advise whether this possibly happened right at the start of the match? Also, did you receive any error messages at all? Is this something that happens regularly or was just a single occasion? And finally, which server are you connected to?

Let us know as that will help us to narrow down the potential cause for the issue.
17 days ago - Ubi-Karl - Direct link
Originally Posted by ZeoN_MAVRISE
i play on the south east asia server.
it happens regularly.
yesterday , it happened in the ban phase of ranked i got banned because my teammates cancelled the match; this was the first time it happened in the beginning of the match, but in other situations, it occurs in the middle i would have to close the game and reopen in order to rejoin the match.
the error message came with the code
Thanks for your response there.

In this particular instance, we have a dedicated article for the error code you're receiving, therefore taking into consideration that you have solid internet, try completing steps outlined in the following article, that will allow you to establish better connection to game servers.

Should issue persist after completing this, let us know and we will look into it further!
13 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link
Originally Posted by Stefan_Viulet
Hello. I have the same problem.
I can't use multiplayer connection although my network is working fine.
The message I receive is: `rainbow siege error code 3-0x00030001)
Please help me!
Hey Stefan_Viulet,

Sorry to hear you are having this trouble, I have had a look and this is a known issue and my advice would be to try these steps. Please try opening the ports specifically as this should allow you the connection you need
11 days ago - Ubi-Milky - Direct link
Hello liverpoolian13, welcome to the forums and sorry to see you could not get connected.

We had outages on those servers on the 30th if that is the same day when you were trying to play?

You did not specify which console you were playing on, but can you try the tricks in these articles to see if it improves your connection please? Thank you -

For PS4 players -

For Xbox players -

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