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I think this is the place to post this, couldn't find anything else redlated to this.

Its happened a few times now where someone with Squad RFF enabled is still able to kill me since they were not one of the original offenders. I'm kinda tired of getting TK'd and having to leave a match I was doing well in, is this problem fixable, or intentional?

Also, what even happens when I report a whole squad for that stuff, does it even get reviewed?

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Just to clarify, do you mean Team Mate A starts to shoot you, then Team Mate B is able to kill you without punishment?
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Sorry to hear that. I'll report it to the game team but I believe this has been forwarded before as a feedback on the reverse friendly fire system.
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Awesome! Hopefully they can work with some of that to figure it out!
I seemed to remember it was like "an eye for an eye" kind of system with RFF active, so if you killed someone it killed you - just seemed a little odd that that wasn't happening anymore.

Thanks for the prompt replies!
No worries at all there OrnateSoda910 and should you have any queries in the future, do not hesitate and reach out at any time!
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I think I'll take you up on that Ubi-Karl...

I imagine you're getting inundated with posts seeing as a new season was just released, but here's how my first game of the season went lol

Joined an ongoing match, got TK'd while asking someone to put down a reenforcement beside me (I now realize the reinforcements are shared, but still by no means worthy of a TK). So I opt to pay him back, and TK him the next round. I then go on my merry way seeing as the player following me has RFF active from a previous round I was not part of. He proceeds to stand next to me and cook a 'nade while I was distracted, and blows us both up, no consequence to him. So, I decide I'll try it against him next round, and 'nade him. I end up with a 30 minute ban for it.

How on earth does that happen. Is it cause he suicided, so it didn't kick him for a second offence? I didn't try for a suicide 'nade, not sure if that would make a difference, but this is stupid. How many games do I have to continually quit just to actually finish one? I find I get TK'd more at certain times of day, but I literally am not doing anything to deserve it in the first place. Sometimes I'm top of the team, sometimes its round 1. I'm not reenforcing between bombs, not kill stealing, I'm minding my own business just playing, and it's driving me crazy, does the report button even do anything??? Or is it just there to make us feel better?

A very frustrated Soda
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Still very curious to know if "Report Griefing" is a hollow button or not.


Hey there,

Sorry to hear that this happened.

The very best advice I can give in this example is the age old '2 wrongs don't make a right'. By this I would advise rather that getting revenge to simply report a player in game, we do investigate reports I can assure you of that. We have measures in place to help prevent team killing although we know that it can happen accidentally. If a player accidentally kills you one round but then you get your revenge the next round only 1 of you have killed the other with intent. This exact scenario can also cause a vicious circle.

I can assure you we take team kill reports very seriously however it is definitely best to report in the correct way.

If there is anything else we can help with at all just let us know