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I have crashed 3 times now right before loading the first round in prep phase. Usually what happens is that the tab menu would stop appearing when I press TAB in banning phase followed by a couple of seconds freeze during the transition animation while loading the first round and then the game crashes. After launching the game back I would get asked if i want to re-join the on-going match but after I click join, nothing happens. If I try to join back using the "Play" button in the main menu I would get a "2-0X0000D00C" error.

The only way to fix this error is by restarting the game and Ubisoft Connect but only to realise that I'm unable to join any matches despite waiting for an hour in queue. Deleting the user data fixes the issue but then again I would crash after a couple of matches later and go through the same torture.

I don't understand why is Ubisoft stating on twitter that the problem with the servers has been fixed while it's still ongoing! And also why the "Contact" form isn't working on the website? I can't even submit a support ticket!

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Hey there @PieKai and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I understand you received a temporary ban following your accidental disconnection to a game. These penalities are issued server side by an automated system and cannot be overturned. You will therefore need to wait until the ban is over. For more information, I recommend checking this article!
Should you encounter crashes on a regular basis, I suggest completing the following steps, regarding the troubleshooting of technical issues on PC.

As for the difficulties you're experiencing when attempting to submit a support case, please try to do so by using this page!

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