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I playyed rainbow six siege today and i did the sugar fright event a few times but the party challange is not completed how is that possible is this a bug or something?
Can someone help me with this because i wanna have the sugar fright pack. And do i need to activate the challenge and how can i activate it???
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Moving to player support!
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I'm sorry to hear your challenge progress isn't counting. You can also try logging in directly to the website to see if the Challenge progress is showing there.

If your progress is still not counting towards the reward, we would need you to provide any screenshots or videos that will make this clear and to contact us through a support ticket / live chat for this here.

You can also private message us on Twitter or Facebook if you prefer, and we can link that chat into a support ticket.
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Originally Posted by Aqs-7

I have just the same problem! Played yesterday with team of 5 but still haven't completed the challenge!
Hey, Aqs-7!

Welcome to the forums. Sorry to hear that you did not get the challenge. Did you try the steps as advised by UBI-Froggard above?
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Originally Posted by Brobimuchi
Thing is you have to WIN, not just play, there's a typo i guess.
Ah thank you for letting us know. I will let the team know about this.
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Hi NotApxllx-_-, thanks for contacting us about this challenge.

With any rewards we will always ask players to wait 24 hours for the items to appear in your game.

For certain event rewards or Twitch streams, usually these rewards will appear in your account, one day after the even has come to a close.

Recently we discovered that with some of our Ubisoft Connect time-related / weekly challenges, progress was not being counted so we rolled out a fix for this on the 30th October and this should fix itself and should have correct progress by the end of this week for most players.

To see more on our post on this, please check out this thread on missing content that pertains to Siege as well -

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