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as the title suggest my ping is ok on other games like Dota, forza even on American servers of blizzard games my ping is ok ... I usually play on SEA or Asia servers but in the middle of Operation Vector Glare my ping suddenly went up from 23 - the constant 180 - 220.
it doesn't go below 180 ... the weird thing is when im on the main menu my ping is 23 on that same server but when the match starts it spikes up to 180 instantly ... again this only happens on R6 and not in any other game.
I've also tried using a VPN but it keeps getting disconnected .. although when im on a VPN and connecting to the Japan servers my ping seems to be fine on 60 - 80 and I can play.. but I don't wanna boot up a VPN everytime I want to play this dang game.
I've also tried every DNS change/flush/reset/generate troubleshooting method out there and none of them seems to work ... I take it this is a service provider issue or is it the Ubisoft server thing? at this point, I just wanna know what the issue is

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Hey @Chihaya-exe! Can you please double-check this FAQ and make sure you've done everything listed there? This version of it also includes the list of ports that Siege uses, so please make sure to forward them!

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Hey @cOwOdy, and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions.

Could you please explain what issue are you facing exactly?

That way we can make sure to provide you with relevant information and troubleshooting steps if applicable.

Thank you!

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Hey there @cOwOdy,

Sorry to hear you're still having issues.

Could you please contact us via our Support Site, Facebook or Twitter so we can take a closer look into this with you?

Much appreciated!