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Hi anyone who came to look here,
I was wondering if Ubisoft will ever try to make R6S playable on Valve's linux software (Proton). I honestly would like to switch my OS from Windows to one of Linux like Ubuntu or Manjaro but I still see that R6S is unplayable on Proton. Will Linux gamers will ever see Six Siege not only on youtube videos?
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Hello, Darling.016!

We have no information to share at this time if this is something that will happen. Cool idea though, I am happy to pass this suggestion on to the Siege team for you.

Thank you.
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Originally Posted by lux01sv
I think the best solution to make linux version is playable - just make it without battleye anti-cheat, and match players who is on linux, with same players on linux

It's sound litle-bit stupid, but this is a best solution, and that's why:

1. You dont need to rewrite engine files (maybe), only one thing devs need to do is disable battleye on linux, and match linux players together
2. R6 is launching on linux already, but you cant play any game because of battleye, so again you dont need to rewrite more code


Please, give me any chance to play rainbox six siege on linux Thanks!
Hey lux01sv!

Welcome to forums and thank you very much for sharing your suggestion . I will make sure it gets passed to our game team accordingly.

Should you have any other suggestions or feedback to share, do not hesitate and let us know!
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Originally Posted by NootNutGang
I think this is kind of a terrible idea. you don't have to remove battle eye you just have to implement the Linux version for it. If I am correct they implemented Vulkan a couple of months ago so if the engine has the ability to build the game for Linux you only would have to add it to the workflow (i don't know if the engine is built in C++ but if it is it should be doable). OR! you wait for the battle eye proton implementation.

Quick Solution :
I don't know how battle-eye works but maybe you could turn off some properties in the config (like I said I don't know if this is something battle eye has) so people can play r6 on VM's again via PCI passthrough. I'm just assuming but that would be one of the quick fixes ( if even possible )
Hey, I appreciate you also joining the discussion with your suggestions.

We don't have in-depth knowledge of what goes on with the development side of things, however we will happily forward any suggestions we receive

Enjoy your day!

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