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Hello, my username is rinrawrchu.BIF and have sent a ticket on 26 February 2023 (Sunday) regarding a wrongful ban on my Rainbow Six: Siege account.

 I have played 1k+ hours (3 years) on the game without any issues and suddenly there's a ban on not only my account, but many others (including my friends). I stream this game as well as I really love this game but since there has been no response regarding my wrongful ban, I have been very doubtful of your support team. I would at least like a response regarding my issue on ticket, which has been kept in the dark for far too long. I understand that the support team has been dealing with a lot of tickets in R6: Siege but really? 7 days with NO response?

This is reflecting really badly on not only the game, but your company as well. There has been no announcements to address this issue and it has caused a lot of anxiety to the player base who has been affected.

If there are any other players who have been affected by this false ban wave, please help me raise this issue by liking this post. This has affected many players who have been accused of cheating for no reason at all.

Whichever staff is reading this, you better be replying me either here or towards my ticket. This is really outrageous and unprofessional.

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Hey folks!

Sorry to hear you've received a sanction.

Our Support Channels are currently receiving more replies than usual, which can lead to delays in response time. We'll try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

As we can't really get into the nitty gritty of bans on the forums, I'd have to ask you to wait until you hear back on your Support Ticket. Sorry for the delays caused!

11 months ago - Ubi-Pegasus - Direct link

Hey @rinrawrchu-BIF

I can understand your frustration with this type of issue.

I've removed the image you have sent as this contains sensitive information of your case number, which we please ask you not to share in the forums.

Unfortunately, we cannot communicate the details of a ban within any public social media setting or the forums as this counts as sensitive information and can vary from player to player.

If you would like more details on your ban, please feel free to open, or re-open, the support ticket you mentioned you had on this topic by sending another message there so that the support team can get back to you on this.

I apologize in the meantime for any inconvenience caused.

11 months ago - Ubi-Chiral - Direct link


I'm sorry you haven't received a response at this time. Unfortunately, this is something that we are not able to discuss further on the forums. You will have to keep an eye on your case for an update on this. It may take time as we're seeing a very high volume of contacts at this time but you will receive a response as soon as the team is able to review your case.

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