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Hello. I've got problems with vulkan. Actually it increases FPS a lot as an AMD user but when I play the game in vulkan it uses ram 2x more than DirectX and uses GPU 2X too. Too many apu users on amd side. We got an fps improvement but there is no ram left when we are playing. We can use directx 11 with less ram and gpu usage but fps goes lower too. Can you help us?(In APU Gpu uses Ram too so 8GB isn't enough) Have a nice day )))))
2 months ago - UbiShoreman - Direct link
Hey bsbhdr! Vulkan is still in its testing phase right now, so I have heard some users having odd issues here and there. Is this a newly cropped up issues, or has it been consistent for the entire time you've used Vulkan?
14 days ago - Ubi-WheelyDuck - Direct link
Hey guys,

Sorry to hear you are having this trouble.

As per our Vulcan article would it be possible to try reducing your texture quality to see if there is an improvement in performance?

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