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Sound issue has been happening every day where my gun sounds very faint, and certain sound effects are silent, anyone else? Very annoying
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Hi guys,

Sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

I will make sure to pass this onto the team.

- Cheers
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Can you give more info on what sounds you're having issue with hearing, or what sounds are still fine? If you can get any footage which demonstrates this it would be very beneficial too.
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Originally Posted by FaceSitOnMy
Hey Bandicoot. First time posting here so sorry if this isnt helpful.

I've found that it specifically effects guns. when shooting, the guns sound itself is missing and instead all you hear is a distant shooting sound (as if you were a couple of metres away from another player firing). Also, the reload sound effects are completely missing whenever the glitch occurs.

I've been having the issue for sometime and i would say that it has been more frequent since chimera.

There doesn't seem to be any specific trigger for it. It happens on every map (including Villa) and can happen with any weapon (Primaries and secondaries). sometimes it will just be the primary that does it, sometimes just the secondary and sometimes both. The next round I could choose the same operator and the sound is working fine.

I'm on xbox with a digital copy. I tried deleting and reinstalling the whole game and found no improvements. I even brought a disc copy and I'm still having the same issue.

My friends dont seem to be having the issue and the only difference I can honestly say between our setups is the fact that i have the Xbox one s (the white console)

I hope this helps

Welcome to the forums! Thanks a lot for coming on and giving me more info about this it was really useful. I'll be passing on any info from this thread to the team. The only thing I could really use now is some footage of the sound issue and what it appears like, so if it happens again can you or anyone else record a game clip on your Xbox One so we can take a look.

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Hey Spicyyyboiii!
Do you have a video clip of this at all?
Does this happen to all weapons or specific ones?
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Thanks for providing that, Clements_.

This issue is being looked into by the Siege team, so I'll pass this video on to them as examples are always helpful.
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Originally Posted by Clements_.
I’ve finally had some spare time so I provided a full clip myself.


I hope this helps.
Thanks man, I'll make sure to pass this on.

- Cheers
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Hi MOABMATHEW! Thanks for the report. The Siege team is aware of this issue and is investigating it. We appreciate the clip!
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Originally Posted by CREWTORTOISE
So I played the SI special playlist the whole weekend and I never once got the sound glitch on my guns. However, the second I hop back into regular casual/ranked I am hit with the glitch in the first round of the first game.
Hmm that is interesting thank you for the info! I'll pass it on to the team.
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Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate any information you may have regarding this issue.
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Hey everyone! The Siege team is investigating various audio bugs. Please read this post and reply to it accordingly. Thank you!

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