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I know this has been discussed many times, but most of the posts are from 2017 - 2018 so i dont wanna risk losing my account because a old forum had an aswer of "Yes, its safe"
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Hey SenhorPatolino, thanks for reaching out!

Rainbow 6: Siege is using BattlEye anti-cheat system, so if you visit their FAQ, you will be able to find the following:

I’m using the software XY while playing my game with BE enabled, is it allowed or can I get banned for it?

Generally we only ever ban for the use of actual cheats/hacks or components of such hacks which are designed to intentionally bypass BE’s protection. Otherwise you don’t need to worry about getting banned. For example, non-cheat overlays and visual enhancement tools like Reshade or SweetFX are generally supported unless desired otherwise by the game developers (the latter two are currently blocked in PUBG, Fortnite and Islands of Nyne). We might decide to kick (not ban) you at some point for using a specific program (such as macro tools), but that won’t automatically flag you as a cheater.

Hope this answers your query. Should you have any further questions, let us know!
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SenhorPatolino - I totally understand the worry there! Though Reshade is typically used to make things look more lively (according to taste), rather than affect gameplay. So long as it's harmless to actual gameplay, you'll be okay to use it!
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Originally Posted by SenhorPatolino
Thanks for the answers, hope this can help anyone that ever wants to use Reshade, have been loving how the game is looking now
Incase anyone wants to use reshade, you need to use 4.2.1 bellow
We are happy to hear that you enjoying the game

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BattlEye – The Anti-Cheat Gold Standard » FAQ
This is happening because you permanently declined BE installation by clicking “Do not ask me again.” in the BE Launcher window previously. To fix this please go to the “BattlEye” folder in your game directory (e.g. “ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\BattlEye” in Conan Exiles) and double-click the “Install_BattlEye.bat” file to install BE.