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I've run my speedtest and the run on windows its stable 53ms and other games are fine, no high ping issues. But lately in r6 its always 100+ will sometimes go 70 and below then go up suddenly to 100+ms again.

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Hi there, @jack_cool! I am sorry to hear that you are having high ping issues with Rainbow Six Siege. Please give this troubleshooting guide a try and run Ubisoft Connect as administrator to test if that makes a difference for you? If it does not, please also try to give this connection guide a try. The connection troubleshooting guide does not mean anything is wrong with your internet it just helps ensure you have the best connection to our Rainbow Six Siege online services. Please share with me if the high ping issues continue to occur after these steps!

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Hey there.

After changing the data center have you tried setting the file to read only to see if it sticks after doing so?

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Hey @KaraFiniks, thanks for your response there.

Can I just double-check that you've done it all by following steps outlined in the following article?