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Clip taken from replay, I can provide full replay not sure how to export it though.


My Username is Varthian,

I was suspended from what in my opinion was unintentional team knock down.

Though interesting the kill board before the system suspended me:
Did the system mistaken Salamander for Me? or Vice Versa?
or after I accidently knocked him down did Salamander fire a shot killing him marking me that I killed him?

I did view Salamander's POV and he had his Sights on Siquify before the game booted me.

Is the anti-team kill system working as intended?

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Hello Varthian, thank you for your post.

As I have no view of the full match, I can only assume that perhaps you injured this teammate previously, but another player killed them, the game actually kicked you, as it considered you contributed to the death of a teammate.

Do you have the full round or this event you can upload to a video hosting website such as Youtube or Imur from your match reply, so we can view the clip at length?