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hello, the admin or the game developer, I was banned for cheating but I have never cheated on this game I have several console accounts and only one pc in which I put money to be at the same level as my console account. I do not understand the reason for the ban because I have never cheated in all my playing hours, around 300 hours of play done on my pc account only I am not sure if its detecting my vpn or another software of my pc i would like my account to be reevaluated 0 cheat has been put on my pc. thank you for taking the trouble to read
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Hi there, DelBingo! I'm extremely sorry to hear about the sanction that has been placed on your account. As I am not able to assist with account bans of any kind over the forums, please open a case at support.ubi.com to submit an official ban appeal. From there, our team will investigate your case and your account then let you know once a decision has been made. Please keep in mind that the team's decision is final and cannot be overturned. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!
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Originally Posted by ZacTheFirst
I really think it’s unfair that I put all my effort in the game 100hrs and get falsely banned,
I then appealed and it got denied, I think I just got reported alot
Which is truely unfair or it is someone that got me banned even though I have never cheated
So please I spent a lot of hard work money and effort into this game and it is not right that I can get banned for no reason
If you have already contacted the team through a support ticket and had your account looked into, then we can't get it removed I'm afraid.

False reports from players will not result in a permanent ban and a denied appeal.

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