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Taming strats

about 1 hour ago - /u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Oh my god, this killed me. This was hilarious.

Originally posted by spidermonkey12345

I actually started a game on the same map and haven't had any problems since. It happened right after I got my first infestation. Here's a post about it. Another user suggested I verify the game files through steam (that checked out fine). I also deleted everything in the config folder in the save game folder.

Love the game btw. Check out my /r/rimworldporn posts!

Mountain City

Grid City

Def not a cult city


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Thanks, glad it worked out for you. And.. I love RWP.

Originally posted by frenchiveruti

TBH... tynan should do beta branches like factorio does...

We do. You can use the 'previous' beta branch to access the last version. And of course you can access all old versions back to Alpha 13, plus Alpha 4 if you want.

Originally posted by ZwoopMugen

What? A new patch? FFS! I Just finished configuring my mod lost yesterday!

Edit: My save isn't broken. Phew! Thanks for all the advice!

You can use the 'previous' beta branch to continue as before.

Originally posted by spidermonkey12345

Ironically, after 950 hours of gameplay, going back to vanilla in 1.1 ended with my first game breaking bug

I'd be curious to know what it was!


Bunch of newbie questions, don't upvote

about 22 hours ago - /u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by AnonymousAndrew1990

  1. Some items degrade if unroofed, sone degrade if outdoors, some only degrade if both, outdoors means not surrounded by walls, I.e. Not a room, unroofed means that there isn't a continuous roof covering the room. If somewhere is unroofed and you're not sure why check the ceiling overlay and your remove roof zones.

Technically outdoors means that the room you're in is no more than half roofed.

Roofed means literally there is a roof over this one specific tile.

You can be roofed and outdoors. E.g. A small outdoor overhang.

You can be indoors and unroofed. E.g. A small hole in the ceiling.

I guess not

about 22 hours ago - /u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Alright alright - we'll fix it.

01 Apr

Originally posted by iv2b

Hey, apologies for pestering you, i've found something weird regarding the new -skin glands and i think you may want to know.

I've ran duels against two identical pawns, one had the toughskin gland (the weaker one) and the other had nothing at all. Both are at 10 melee skill.

Armor set is devilstrand duster + flak vest + button shirt + flak pants.

Weapon of choice is a normal quality steel dagger (best case scenario for the toughskin).

This is how it went down:

Toughskin Regular skin Total
No armor, no weapon 3 17 20
Armor, no weapon 10 10 20
Armor and weapon 18 12 30

With a weapon (best case scenario) and armor, the toughskin did indeed seem to help.

However without armor the toughskin gland actually...

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That's a strange result. I'll do a check ingame to see how these are working. Thanks for the note.

31 Mar

Originally posted by iv2b

Right, about this subject: does the game currently use the old or new melee verb calculations?

The new one has best/mid/worst with a 80/20/0 split, in this scenario a melee pawn has some benefit in having 1-n prosthetic weapons as they'll dilute the 20% pool with better attacks. That seems to work quite well already from what i've seen, at least if the dev tool is accurate.

Status inflicting attacks would feel interesting at ~10-15% usage imo, maybe they could be placed in the same tier (best/mid/worst) but weighted in their favor (which can already be done by having multiple attacks, like giving the venom fangs 3 different bites with identical stats).

I'm looking forward to it, i'm especially interested in the venom fangs/talons myself, i really like the concept.

One last thing while we're here: could it be possible to have pawns incapable of violence equip the psyfocus staff, just for the stat bonuses? My psycaster is a pacifist and that restrictio...

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The debug output is just that - a partly developed version of what I described above (we got partway through it and then got pulled onto bugs).

Will consider the nonviolent psycaster angle. Interesting.

Originally posted by iv2b

Hey good to know, thank you for stopping by!

I'm curious to see how the subject will be tackled: on one end there are pawns with 1/a few prosthetic weapons to use as backup and on the other end there are pawns who are fully weaponized with a dozen prosthetics, making both feel good is challenging.

Another user suggested improving attack speed when attacking with prosthetics, scaling with number. Could be a fun approach to try out. :)

The basic imbalances between spikes/blades, venom weapons, and power claw definitely need to balanced just by tuning some numbers.

Another issue is implant weapons reducing DPS for well-equipped melee pawns (with swords etc) because the pawn uses the implant instead of his superior sword, but only because the implant is there. It's because of how verbs are randomly chosen by simple weighting based on DPS. I wrote a design several weeks ago to categorize all the melee verbs into 'best', 'middle', and 'worst', with fixed proportions between these. E.g. 75%, 24%, 1%. So if you have a sword and fist, you'll benefit by adding an elbow blade because now the 24% of middle tier verbs will be blade strikes instead of punches. This is a big change though and it's quite difficult to actually categorize every verb in the game relative to each other (e.g. fist is 'best' if pawn has nothing else, but 'middle' if he has a melee weapon, etc). It can't just be DPS-based because there are ot...

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You're right. There are definiely some AI derps and design incoherencies. We've had a plan to refine these for a while, but it hasn't been the top priority yet. We will get to it though (hopefully in not too long now).

29 Mar

Originally posted by anotherusername96

I just started the Royal Ascent quest for the first time. 4 cataphracts have arrived to protect the stellarch and they all have really crappy gear, the best helmet amongst the bunch is 16% and armour is around 50% otherwise lower. This seems a bit weak considering isn't this supposed to be the bodyguard of an emperor?

I think it might actually be a bug, but it may also be fixed in the latest update, or maybe not. Thanks for the report in either case, will check this.

28 Mar

That image would've been so much funnier if the horse also had a gun.

21 Mar

Originally posted by Enzeevee

I finished up that quest yesterday and I dunno how much of it was the quest and how much of it was Randy but the first half of the visit was f**kin nuts. I didn't even have time to patch people up. Every time a raid ended a new one would immediately begin, and the game also decided to throw Global Warming + Heat Wave in at the same time. A large chunk of my base including my solar panels/wind turbines were destroyed from a dry thunderstorm because I just could not spare enough people from the front lines to put fires out. It was pretty intense, though it petered out and became more what I was expecting towards the end.

Very glad I stuck half-cyclers in everyone so they didn't need to sleep, and also glad I shoved a joywire in the Stellarch so I didn't have to worry about her mood being shot from the 150F heat and power outages. For some reason she showed up completely naked, so she had the mood debuff for no royal clothing the entire time.

Sorry about the naked thing, it's fixed for new games (as of like 2 weeks ago) but older savegames with already-generated quests would show it still.

Anyway glad you had some fun!

20 Mar

On the contrary, I think killboxes are awesome. It's a fun building project, it makes sense, it has a satisfying outcome.

I don't think *every* fight should be won effortlessly with a killbox, though. That's boring.

In general, it's awesome if players can find clever tactics that annihilate certain challenges. It's not cool if they can find a tactic that annihilates every challenge.

This is why there are so many threats that try to break the pattern. Drop-in raiders, siegers with mortars, sappers, off-map quests, now mech clusters.

Always considering ways to improve the AI but it's a tricky system. AI is hard, especially when the player controls the environment (in most games the AI is made to fit the environment and vice versa; RW is like a reverse puzzle solving game where the AI has to solve your puzzle).

Are you OK Ty? We love you bud!

20 days ago - /u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by gCvdA

I wonder if tynan deliberately made it so that every time you see him in this game he has horrible stats

It amuses me to be the worst character in game. Like the anti-Lord British.

18 Mar

"i yam what i yam"

17 Mar

Love it. Worth noting that what's visible on this chart is just the weekly cycle, you can see the impact of 1.1/Royalty on the 3-month chart most easily.


Originally posted by rnalsation

Just to chime in I have a 25GB log file from when Rimworld hung while exiting full of the same error.

C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Audio/Public/sound/SoundChannel.cpp(393) : Error executing m_FMODChannel->stop() (The specified channel has been reused to play another sound. )

(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Audio/Public/sound/SoundChannel.h Line: 15)

I had to force close the game.

I zipped it if you want one for some reason.

Offer appreciated! We have two reports for now and will reply again if more is needed. I think it's enough (the logs don't carry much info anyway).

16 Mar

Looks like an amazing occasion for an antigrain warhead or orbital bombardment!

Originally posted by soshp

probably unnecessary but in case its not... /u/tynansylvester

Thanks. I've heard of this error before but I thought it wasn't us; with this info it seems it may be something we can actually address though. Appreciated u/soshp and u/kitsune_no_chi

14 Mar

Originally posted by noblacky

Hi I know this threat is somewhat old already but do you have any updates on this supposed bug? Playing on permadeath and contemplating to remove the clusters with dev mode to roughly the same level of balancing as the reworks. Either way thanks for the content, the rest of the dlc is f**king amazing

I rebalanced them heavily early last week.

13 Mar

Originally posted by Khanaervon

I just assume that they found it in an ancient danger or on someone's corpse.

Basically, yeah.

Originally posted by Sierra419

Maybe u/TynanSylvester should look into their being no raid music in vanilla.

That's odd, I've been hearing it on streams as usual.

12 Mar

The problem with Royalty

29 days ago - /u/TynanSylvester on Reddit - Thread - Direct

I've been collecting a massive amount of feedback from lots of sources (as always) and looking for themes. A lot of things tend to come up over time that aren't really perceptible at smaller-scale testing. But with enough people and time sometimes you see the same theme pop up repeatedly; this seems to be one of those.

Without promising anything since I haven't dug into the design in detail (hard to tell where there might be blocking design issues with changing it), we might do something about this as part of the content add-on.

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback.

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