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12 Mar


Originally posted by 99_IRON_99

What happened to Login rewards ? Will they return or will they be gone ?

Also, i think the Spitfire Pistol should get a bit Buffet again, because damage reduction has a bit of a big impact on it since the update

Thank you for taking time to read this ^

They will return, an unfortunate issue has caused them to disappear, I'm sorry for that :( hang in there

Despite it still being in the top 8 of weapon winrate still, I'm increasing the falloff ranges a bit to help it. so give it a look next update


Originally posted by Rhymsz

Any idea why EU players are getting put on NAE servers?

Why is it when I Solo. Q I'm expected to carry my teammates or lose the match?

Competitive is where I think you should balance the game at and for, smgs have taken a dip in usage and are very unreliable. I have clips of AR just simply outgunning the Knight up close ( and these are best players in the game they don't miss like that )

Just hop into Elvyns elo discord and play with the best players then I think you'll have a different light of day with the game..

We expand out the queue search if the player pool is low in a region and you're queue goes on long enough.

I'm not sure, MM is not my forte YET(researching how our system works)

I have to balance for both sides friend. I can't alienate one side over the other. I look to the data for both casual and competitive to evaluate balance.

Also SMGs did dip in performance but have stayed in a positive winrate range, however I have given them an global bump and adjusted ARs in the CQC fights in the next update.


Originally posted by sT0n3r

Please remove any noise or music from the main menu screen, we have that terrible drone of the aircraft hanger right now with no way remove it or change the volume.

cheaters are a thing, please add game replays? maybe the last 5 ranked games can be replayed/spectated, kill cam and play of the game could also be added very easy, reply system is built into the engine its not hard to implement.

let us see our ping in game

i love ranked, how about we have a leaderboard ?

thanks for your time

The second 3.1 went live and I heard it, I let our audio team know to turn that down!

Replays and kill cams are a feature that we used to have but haven't been able to properly support(it takes a dedicated strikeforce to maintain and improve) and it has deprecated overtime as we added more an more complexities to the game.

Ping yeah, I want it

Someday :) stay tuned


Originally posted by Ghostofslickville

Yeah this is known and we're looking into it. Somethin' is funky


Originally posted by AggravatingRide3267


Any updates regarding the bug where the game freeze and crash after "X amounts" matches played? No matter what map is, I play only Deathmatch Mode, and when our team or enemy team reach the score around 52/60 kills, the game crash.. and of course, all the progress are gone..

This happens on xbox one and PS4 since many months.. 😣

We have ongoing efforts to improve stability across the board. If you happen to know or see a pattern in the "X" amount let me know.


Originally posted by TheEbolaArrow

Jared any chance of getting the old armor system back? Instead of having different tiers you get one tier (25 armor) and you can rebuild armor in like what was it…2.5…3 secs maybe?

That mechanic failed out initially just due to how much it slowed the game down as it became part of the mental stack throughout gunfights. We could consider some variant of it to experiment with though so it's not entirely out of the question


Originally posted by therealHDR

A couple features I'd love to be considered!

- emote in the mvp screen
- character quips back, maybe this got removed cause it was annoying? I suggest a toggle option, like we already have with muting a player's mic or commands or both
- HUD resize option
- Being able to remove voice packs from skins we have on? Per example I might want Ronin's shadow spectre skin but her regular voice, vice-versa, I suggest having an extra place to exchange all voice packs we got from previous skins
- Maybe increase xp gains? I find that with an active booster I receive a fair amount of xp after every match, but they're rare so, as soon as I have none, I go back to getting little to no xp
- have a general/team chat box, I can't tell you the amount of times I've spam-pinged an area/enemy until the game auto stopped me only to have my teammate ignore it and be killed instantly
- Having the option to add someone mid-match by clicking on them
- more unique ...

Read more

good suggestions and definitely in the midst of shaking things up! Things take time so keep an eye out!


Originally posted by Savreauna_

The number of crashes, restarting, and long wait to queue up. It can be very draining. Especially loading into a game that already started with a huge disadvantage. When the scoreboard has a huge gap of 30 - 57

that sounds aweful, what platform do you play on?


Originally posted by KayanKhang

His Legendary Crackshot was removed in the game and yet he's still able to down anybody instantly with his ability active while using the Devotion. I don't think it's fair and balanced in any way possible. He can ignore armor and see through smokes while doing bonus damage with his ability, that is way too much. Either get rid of the bonus damage or reduce it.

I feel like Stalker for Fixer is somewhat better than Crackshot because this will give him the speed advantage while sniping against a Runway. I think Stalker needs to be swapped with Gunsmith because I do run out of ammo in TDM and Strikeout.

We are figuring out how best to handle fixer. he's in a weird place of having such potency but is, data-wise, the lowest winrate rogue in the line up.


Originally posted by phoephoe18

Hi! I have a visual bug and have had it for months-maybe even a year. The Store Dialogue box never disappears. It crowds the screen and sometimes makes playing hard. The person I play with has the same visual bug. We’re both on console. (They’re on ps5, I’m on ps4). I’d post a picture but I’m not sure how here. So to be clear, even while playing the game, there is a black box with text in it that shows how much money I have, a shopping cart. And the word Store. The same one that appears when you’re purchasing items. It never goes away. Thanks!

That's really weird, DM me with a screenshot if you're able.


Originally posted by x-twigs

Hi Jared! Thanks for doing this Q&A. I really hope you're able to answer my question; I know it's fairly late but it's something I've wanted to ask for a really, really long time. What direction is the Rogue Company team wanting to take the game's identity? Are you looking to further develop more of its tac-shooter elements, or are casual modes more of a priority for the team? Thanks for all of your hard work!

Short answer: casual but with stronger focus on meaningful and strategic choices around rogues, weapons and how you work through the shop.

11 Mar


Originally posted by noobinghere

No questions here just feedback: I love that you try out changes with the game, not all might be good, but experimenting is fine I think. Also I think you shouldn't listen to people's reaction right after the change. Lot of them just don't want to adapt and it's easier to hate, I think you should wait some time before listening to feedback and reverting back everything to please those who are shouting loud.

Also just a quick note I think your priority should be fixing glitches and unbalanced matchmaking, even making the waiting time longer to find a proper match for better players I think is eternally better than putting them together with absolute beginners.

Anyway lots of love to you for your work and efforts! Don't get discouraged please! <3

We can do both! While the design team focuses on making the core gameplay better, the engineering team can focus on making the game function better! Having a multi-disciplined team allows devs to do such things!

Appreciate the kind words and feedback!


Originally posted by Bchange51

number of rogues currently in development? as an addendum how many rogues have been scrapped and what would their supposed abilities have been?

I can't answer that question :) it'd ruin the surprise


Originally posted by No-Classroom5577

Will match MVPs ever get bonus xp? I feel like that would keep me playing after consecutive losses due to bad teammates.

I definitely want to reward MVPs more :)


Originally posted by guy_of_disguise

i have 2 questions:

In the future will we see a return to the original 6 perk system we saw in rogue or a reinvented 6 perk system at least? One that removes perks like gunsmith, bulletproof, crack shot, blaster, and other battle zone perks from the main game?

Also this question more relates to identity of the game, will we see more depth behind the world of rogue company? I’m not just talking about the lore and how we don’t really know much about the world the game takes place in, but more about what will be done to allow the game to take itself more seriously, because i think at the moment what deters some people from playing rogue company is that the game seems too childish in its aesthetic, so what will be done to make the game feel more mature?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, i hope they help in giving you information on what direction you should take rogue company to.

Definitely helpful and I appreciate it!

  1. Definitely want to re-evaluate our perk system and see were we can solve it proper with our goals
  2. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "more mature"? Could you elaborate?

Originally posted by Blackfox2240

Hey there! Couple of small questions if you don't mind. 1. Is there any plans for a permanent or limited time PvE modes as well as Battle Royale? 2. Is it possible to update bot modes to allow us to master weapons since we can master Rogues in those modes? Also adding TDM/Quickplay to bots so we can complete all contracts against A.I. Thanks for the AmA!

  1. I want to fix bots first before I consider PVE, BRs are a huge undertaking that we can't commit to at this time
  2. Maybe
  3. See my answer in #1

Originally posted by Nosdi-

Please fix

accidental mantles.

moving forward and shooting will sometimes make you pickup a melee weapon and prepare to throw it.



Originally posted by Memeloverguy

What's the process of getting in idea in the gamw normally like, and how.long does it take?

It requires setting a goal that we want to achieve, extensive research, discovery and ideation. Then it gets pitched to production and leadership who evaluates it's priority. Afterwards, it gets picked up by devs who will iterated on it until we have a solid version to test and then iterate that further until it satisfies our goal. Lastly it gets improved upon, cleaned up and ready for shipping. Takes a loooooong time and many things do fail out and fail out fast


Originally posted by Tokitueth

First I wanted to say thank you Jared! Your efforts mean a lot to us!

I have two questions/suggestions.

  1. Do you guys have any plans for new modes? I would love to see a VIP mode. Something like Guardian from Gears of War. Where the team can respawn as long as their VIP is alive.

  2. Specifically Nintendo Switch. Some maps like Meltdown are subject to crash due to a lower frame rate. Would it be possible to give Switch players the option to lower the resolution or frame rate? Maybe 720p and/or 40 fps?

Again thank you for everything. RoCo is among my most played favorite games!

  1. Yes!
  2. Not sure but I can ask our engine team

Originally posted by PacificoAndLime

Hey Jared, thanks for the transparency. I want to recommend that "save the day" players get a money boost to catch up to players who have already played a few rounds. Thank you

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!