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11 Mar


Originally posted by Bchange51

number of rogues currently in development? as an addendum how many rogues have been scrapped and what would their supposed abilities have been?

I can't answer that question :) it'd ruin the surprise


Originally posted by No-Classroom5577

Will match MVPs ever get bonus xp? I feel like that would keep me playing after consecutive losses due to bad teammates.

I definitely want to reward MVPs more :)


Originally posted by guy_of_disguise

i have 2 questions:

In the future will we see a return to the original 6 perk system we saw in rogue or a reinvented 6 perk system at least? One that removes perks like gunsmith, bulletproof, crack shot, blaster, and other battle zone perks from the main game?

Also this question more relates to identity of the game, will we see more depth behind the world of rogue company? I’m not just talking about the lore and how we don’t really know much about the world the game takes place in, but more about what will be done to allow the game to take itself more seriously, because i think at the moment what deters some people from playing rogue company is that the game seems too childish in its aesthetic, so what will be done to make the game feel more mature?

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions, i hope they help in giving you information on what direction you should take rogue company to.

Definitely helpful and I appreciate it!

  1. Definitely want to re-evaluate our perk system and see were we can solve it proper with our goals
  2. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "more mature"? Could you elaborate?

Originally posted by Blackfox2240

Hey there! Couple of small questions if you don't mind. 1. Is there any plans for a permanent or limited time PvE modes as well as Battle Royale? 2. Is it possible to update bot modes to allow us to master weapons since we can master Rogues in those modes? Also adding TDM/Quickplay to bots so we can complete all contracts against A.I. Thanks for the AmA!

  1. I want to fix bots first before I consider PVE, BRs are a huge undertaking that we can't commit to at this time
  2. Maybe
  3. See my answer in #1

Originally posted by Nosdi-

Please fix

accidental mantles.

moving forward and shooting will sometimes make you pickup a melee weapon and prepare to throw it.



Originally posted by Memeloverguy

What's the process of getting in idea in the gamw normally like, and how.long does it take?

It requires setting a goal that we want to achieve, extensive research, discovery and ideation. Then it gets pitched to production and leadership who evaluates it's priority. Afterwards, it gets picked up by devs who will iterated on it until we have a solid version to test and then iterate that further until it satisfies our goal. Lastly it gets improved upon, cleaned up and ready for shipping. Takes a loooooong time and many things do fail out and fail out fast


Originally posted by Tokitueth

First I wanted to say thank you Jared! Your efforts mean a lot to us!

I have two questions/suggestions.

  1. Do you guys have any plans for new modes? I would love to see a VIP mode. Something like Guardian from Gears of War. Where the team can respawn as long as their VIP is alive.

  2. Specifically Nintendo Switch. Some maps like Meltdown are subject to crash due to a lower frame rate. Would it be possible to give Switch players the option to lower the resolution or frame rate? Maybe 720p and/or 40 fps?

Again thank you for everything. RoCo is among my most played favorite games!

  1. Yes!
  2. Not sure but I can ask our engine team

Originally posted by PacificoAndLime

Hey Jared, thanks for the transparency. I want to recommend that "save the day" players get a money boost to catch up to players who have already played a few rounds. Thank you

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!


Originally posted by PainterZealousideal9

Shooting my shot here I only mainly play Ranked and most of my suggestions will be for Ranked Demolition the mode I love the most and want to work and have its own identity separate from the other modes. I have played demolition and ranked since it was added and have been my favorite modes and reasons to come back and play this game, this are not perfect solutions just things I have thought of throughout years of playing this game.

1.Can we adjust the TTK to be higher in this game nowadays when I play this game I die really quickly, and in 3rd person shooters this low TTK rewards camping in my experience whereas high TTK rewarded headshots and accuracy. Having higher TTK also helps repositioning in gun fights or moving to better ground to win the fight that I miss from older seasons.

  1. Can we revert the weapon changes for having all weapons for the same gun class. This change has made using the most meta weapon more common and kind of shut off newer players f...

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Wow! Thats a lot of feedback, I'm in alignment on some of these and I appreciate you sharing this. We'll keep this in mind as we look to our one-life modes and their ranked equivalents :)


Originally posted by -Vibraxas-

Any plans for a Coop similar to Mass Effect 3s Objective based coop?

Will the store be updated to include items from the rogue crates?

I want to fix bots first before considering any PVE stuff! We'll see!

I can't answer in regards to the store and content. But I can pass this along as feedback to the team who can!


Originally posted by XakuArt

Q#1: will there be an commendation feature post match & option to see players purchased items & perks via scoreboard.

This has cropped up before and both are good suggestions! Thanks!


Originally posted by arrowsintheknees

I support many of the recent changes. The SMG changes, however, remove any amount of enjoyment from the SMG class. A simple damage falloff nerf would have sufficed. The firing pattern of the SMG was not the problem before in its ability to compete with ARs at range. It was just doing too much dps at mid range. Just my thoughts, and thank you for everything you do for Rogue.

Appreciate the feedback and I understand! Give it another go in the next update and let me know!


Originally posted by EvilxxxQueen

Here’s one…can we have Ronin’s old face. Lol



Originally posted by etherealimages

Just came to say I think the vocal playerbase has an issue with .... everything lol they can't temper their frustration with optimism and realistic expectations sometimes. They're unnecessarily way too harsh to the devs who are just regular ass passionate people that actually have knowledge in their field. Thanks for always trying to be transparent. You're a good ambassador for bridging the gap between Devs and Community.

:') <3


Originally posted by Pbear420

I can be very critical of you folks and other dev teams over decisions that change a game. I just want to say sorry and I'm glad you are reaching out to the community. Nobody is perfect and nor will any game reach the standards of everyone. As long as your team continues to work with the community I'm happy. I appreciate you all.



Originally posted by MrFaTtYwAcKy

Why are we focusing on the balancing of weapons and rogues and not people’s ability to cheat or the way matchmaking is currently setup, so many people want to go back to the game but it seems like every update we take one step forward with rogue mechanics, but we take two steps back when it comes to weapons.

Much in the same way you don't have a foot doctor doing brain surgery. We have different people talking different things. Our design team is focused on gameplay balances and the core direction, our engineering team is focused on fixing bugs and improving stability. We can do both.


Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

So the backgrounds. You mentioned in the patch notes that you where gonna try to get music that we wanted to select? Are you able to get swappable backgrounds as well?

Backgrounds are a bit more complicated as we have to maintain only one due to performance concerns and game size. Limitations that we have to work around I'm afraid :( that is a cool idea though


Originally posted by Apprehensive-Wave-37

Arms race? Are you able to get in arms race? I miss that game mode it was my favorite besides 6v6 and strikeout.

Arms race was rad huh? :D


Originally posted by DeltaRecker

Can I have the option to turn off the hit effects and tracer rounds? These effects are like flashlights pointing to my eyes, and I tend to lose focus mid-fights.

I've heard this a couple of times so I'll add this to our list


Originally posted by OB0E

Part question, part comment. I hope you realize the Maw is overpowered now. We spoke about it a few weeks ago, and now we have a hydra/maw meta. Kill feeds in TDM are swamped with it and it feels like a cheat code using one.

That being said, I understand and thoroughly appreciate your ambition. Project saint was promised to us and provided us with initial relief. I haven’t heard a damn thing about that initiative in a long time. Address some big issues & Meta stuff, but please focus on the things that will scare players away faster than any OP weapon or imbalance.. connection issues and cheating. We know about the connection issues, but I ran into FIVE obvious cheaters within a few hours the other night. The worst I have seen it recently. Hell, I’ll work for y’all for free to go through reports of cheaters if you spend some time with me to explain that algo we had spoke about weeks ago.

Connection has to be first and foremost though. Keep your head up. We know you...

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Appreciate the feedback friend

The spirit of project saint remains, We are invested in fixing the core and all the issues around it, including stability. For cheaters we actively deal with them and we succeed on that front when our players report them, keep up the hard work on doing that and we will nail em as they crop up!